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How to look after your Acrylic painting....


So you've just bought your first REAL painting! Congratulations!

Original art is an investment, and you want to make sure that your artwork can be appreciated by your grandchildren, not just the friends who visit  today. So how can you make sure your acrylic painting lasts the distance? Well firstly, all artwork has a lifetime, and as such does deteriorate over time. Most paintings will last longer than we do, for over a hundred years, even centuries, but we can take measures to prevent unnecessary aging, and reduce the risk of damage and discoloration.

DID YOU KNOW? Acrylic paintings are expected to have a longer life than Oil paintings, and are more resistant to aging. They develop cracks less often than Oil paintings and are more resistant to pressure. They are more flexible!

Care of your painting:

The following precautions can be applied to all artwork, as all art needs to be taken care of to ensure a long life. These are museum standard guidelines. This information is as a guide only-

* EXTREMELY cold climate and sub-zero temperatures can cause acrylic paint to crack. Try and maintain a normal room temperature.

BE AWARE  that paint becomes soft at around 60degrees celcius- avoid high temperatures such as placing painting above a fireplace or heater!

* NEVER hang your artwork in direct sunlight. Some pigments found in acrylic paints are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light. This can cause some paints to fade.

*AVOID denting or pressure- always pick up your painting from the sides of the frame and NEVER from the top. Handling your artwork incorrectly or roughly can also weaken your support (stretchers or frame)

* NEVER attempt to clean the surface of dust by using solvents of cleaning products!  If you need to clean your artwork then consider an experienced art conservator who will know the correct methods in which to clean without damaging your investment.

*AVOID HUMIDITY- never hang your original painting in a bathroom or in a kitchen where steam can be present!


I hope that this guide has helped you to ensure that your artwork continues to amaze, inspire and pleasure you for many years to come!

Best wishes,


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