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Setting up an additional eBay account and the advantages.

Possibly this might be reasonable. Why?

Conduct purchases and Sales seperately.

There are several reasons why this could be a good idea.

For instance there is no need for buyers of your items to see what you are buying yourself on eBay (and perhaps finding out where you purchase your articles for sale).

Moreover you are protecting yourself against unjustified feedback, you do not have to worry that your sales will suffer because you perhaps get a negative feedback in revenge. This very scenario happened to us on this very user id and Yessssssssss we have another and we could have left a negative of our own using our other account but two wrongs dont make a right so we did not take revenge, this doesnt mean others wont against you!

Confidentiality - Perhaps you are buying goods you do not want others to know about!

An additional eBay account, you do not tell others about, will save your privacy.

Handling your sales more easy depending on the quantity of items you are selling on eBay, have different eBay accounts for different categories of goods might help you to have a better overview, much less to sort through and much easier to keep everything in order.

Posting to the forums anonymously, are you sometimes seeking help on eBay boards? Do you just like to chat around with other members?

Unfortunately getting on there is not always easy. By using an additional account for posting you do not need to worry about impacts on your trades on eBay.

There might be several other good reasons for setting up more than one eBay account.

Is this allowed? Yes it is! ebay allows you to setup as many accounts as you like, you are just obliged to abide by the terms of service and the rules for trading on eBay (for instance you may not bid on your own items).

All you need for setting up an additional and anonymous account (to your oppostion) is a seperate email address as it is not possible to have two or more accounts registered to one email address.

We hope you gained valuable knowledge on the advantages of having two seperate eBay accounts.

May all your Purchasers be Bargains and all your Sales be Monsterousssssss!

If you found our guide helpful it would be greatly appreciated if you can vote that you found it useful, we love to share our eBay experience with other eBay Users and look forward to being a continued part of the eBay Community and helping as many as we can to avoid the negative experiences.

We will bring you further Studies and helpful tips to the Public Forum and share them with you as they are completed. We have been Studying many aspects of eBay now for the past 4 years and consider ourselves very experienced in the day to day operations in both buying and selling on eBay.

If there is any questions you have feel free to contact us via the eBay message system. We will only be too happy to assist you.

Kind regards,
Daryl and Trish Evans
Storage Surplus Auctions
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