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There has been a sharp rise in new collectors focusing mostly on their favorite AFL Team
as apposed to collecting everything in footy cards.
and that's quite understandable as there has been so many issues released in the past 20 years alone
that collecting everything has become financially impossible for the average footy card collector.

Team Collecting is the new generation of the footy card hobby, whilst still reasonably affordable,
new collectors today still have the chance to collect all their teams' modern day trading cards.
whilst there are many high priced cards to get for every afl team, it's certainly not as expensive
to try and collect everything in footy cards and with every new release, increases a want list..

eBay has given modern day footycard collectors the huge bonus of being able to sell their spares,
and buy their team cards in return, prior to ebay, footycard swaps would end up in a shoe box,
this is a major reason afl team sets are so popular today, a collector can buy packs at the newsagent,
keep their team and sell the other teams, turning their swaps into prized team cards.  

Collect what you enjoy.. Enjoy what you collect!
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