AMD is better then intel

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I am not being paid or endorsed by either Intel or amd and I do own and have used both amd and Intel technology. But I will prove that amd is better then Intel.  This is because of a number of reasons. First off is the size of the pipeline. Intel seems to be moving backwards with the length of there pipeline. Not going back too far, the Pentium three was a 10 phase, then the Pentium 4 Northwood with 20 phases and then to the Pentium 4 Prescott with 30 phases. At least the Pentium extreme edition has a pipeline of 20 phases, with dual core and hyper threading technology. It’s because of these long pipelines that the Pentium 4 needs higher GHz. This is not a problem for the athlon 64 bit series. Because it features a pipeline of only 12 phases, it can perform better then the Pentium 4 with less GHz, even without hyper threading. And the athlon FX also features dual core and 64bit processing, making it even better. Intel’s only saving grace is the Pentium M, which has a pipeline of 10 phases. But the downside to this is that it does not scale up, it can not go beyond 2 GHz and is only currently available in laptops. The athlon FX can go beyond 2ghz and is available in desktop computers, therefore it is able to out perform the Pentium M. as to the athlon fx and 64 bit processing, Intel have released a 64 bit Pentium 4 but its about 2 years behind the 64 bit technology of the athlon series and it still has not been mastered. The same goes to the dual core, the amd dual cores my be more expensive but because they have been using it for longer then Intel, they have perfected it better then Intel. As to hyper threading, it is good to help stop pipe bubbles but it just does not give it the extra edge that Intel needs to out perform amd.<p>
But amd is better then Intel not just because of these facts, it is the preferred processor. According to PC the top 5 desktop computers all feature athlon FX processors. A Pentium 4 based computer came in as number 6. And it’s not just this site that prefers amd, there are thousands of sites on the web that credit amd and discredit Intel. This is not just because the athlon is a better performer; it is also because of Intel’s monopoly in the pc world. Pc users often prefer to buy amd processors over Intel not for the performance but simply for the moral side of it. Although Intel processors aren’t better then amd, they do hold a monopoly over the market and they do abuse this. Intel reward companies that use and promote there processors but they punish and discriminate against companies who use amd or other brands of processors. Although this might sound like one, it is not a myth and amd have taken action against this. Amd have filed a law suite against Intel. Amd has also approached a number of big computer companies and many of them agreeing to cooperate. These companies include acer and Sony while some are still yet to respond. This is an interesting event in the pc world and it will be interesting to find out how it ends.<p>
But for the time being in the current pc market, amd athlon processors are the leading and preferred cpu. It is clear that they out perform all current Intel processors but it is anyone’s guess what Intel will bring out next. For the time being however amd is the leading brand, so when buying your next cpu, which will you choose?<p>
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