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Never ending sage of what size should I buy???

It's not that difficult to find out how.

We all know what style we like and how we like to dress so WHY?? do we stumble in the size department. Is it because we are determined to fit e.g in that sz 12 no matter how uncomfortable we feel.

Manufacturers these days have no strict guidelines to adhere to. They can put any size on that tag.

What should we care what size we are. As long as we are comfortable and feel great in what we are wearing?? It's that simple is it not? If you don't like what the tag reads cut the stupid thing out but I can assure you if you purchase an item that is too small you actually look bigger.

I have worked in the fashion industry for more years than at times I care to remember. Every brand label of clothing from every different country cuts the cloth differently. Every country has a different build of woman (this is called genetics) and there is nothing you can do about it. Australian Women are never going to be like a sz 2 japanese woman it's that simple.

You just need to check the measurements on your own body and give it an extra smidgeon all over and that should cover it. Measuring up against your old pants is not a good idea as they have moulded to your body shape and at times have lost shape through normal wear, tear and washing.

Women have fought long and hard to be accepted as equals and have proven time and time again that we are a force to be reckoned with in every asset in todays society. We can cope with anything that life throws at us. THEN!!!

Why are we still so obsessed with a  SIZE TAG in a piece of cloth?

Think about it girls. Life is too short. Be COMFY and IN CHARGE of YOURSELF!!

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