ATV Wheel Spacers Buying Guide

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ATV Wheel Spacers Buying Guide

One of the best things about owning an ATV is that it has the ability to create some of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day, especially when riding with family and friends. But all of that fun can come to a screeching halt if a part on the ATV begins to falter.

One of the most common problems experienced by ATV riders is problems with their wheels or axles due to the lack of use or improper use of ATV wheel spacers. ATV wheel spacers are located at ATV retailers and online at eBay. There are many benefits which are derived from using spacers, and knowing what to look for, such as types, helps make the purchasing process easier.

Types of ATV Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers comes in varying sizes and styles to choose from, which makes it easy to match the type of ATV and tyre that is in use. Wheel spacers are essentially metal or alloy rings that fit around the wheel studs and used for the purpose of widening the wheelbase. Wheels spacers have the ability to adjust the wheelbase of the ATV to varying heights in accordance to what is needed by adjusting the size or amount of spacers that are applied.

There are basically two types of wheel spacers. One type is placed in close proximity to the wheel hub and the other is an extension to the wheel stud. ATV wheel spacers are round and smooth or feature studs. Each ATV rider often has his or her own preferences that vary according to personal desires and the needs of the bike.

The primary consideration that should come to mind when choosing ATV wheel spacers is not only which ones deliver the performance desired, but which ones are the safest. ATV wheel spacers offer the benefit of adding more stability to the bike and improve the shock resistance when making jumps. It is essential to choose spacers that are the proper fit for the ATV in order to keep it from being damaged or the rider from becoming injured.

Smooth Wheel Spacers

Since not all ATV thread pitches or bolt spacings are the same, it is essential to know the correct size of these features before buying them in order to ensure that they not only fit properly, but that they are also safe for both the rider and the bike.

Universal wheel spacers come in a round shape with a smooth, flat surface. Using wheel spacers with a universal fit is often helpful because they have the ability to be more versatile than other spacers. Universal ATV wheel spacers are beneficial because they offer the ability to take the guesswork out of finding the right specifications for those people who are unsure of what thread pitches or bolt spacings are appropriate.

The features of ATV smooth wheel spacers differ depending on what brand of spacers is chosen. Many spacers have pieces of metal that are cut out of the material used to design them that resemble notches or lobes. These notches or lobes are designed to eliminate extra spacer weight that is not usable so that they are lighter.

Stud Wheel Spacers

There are stud spacers designed to be stud extensions that make the factory ATV studs longer, while other types of spacers are more solid and bolt onto the factory studs, then wheels are replaced onto the new studs. Many people prefer the solid spacers over the extensions because they do not compromise the strength in the process.

Solid wheel spacers are stronger and are therefore more ideal for people who use their ATVs for jumping and other activities where the vehicles encounter hard landings. Wheel spacers that act as extensions to studs are ideal choices in most cases for those people who only use their ATVs for utilitarian purposes.

Stud spacers are easy to recognise because of their defining characteristics. A typical stud spacer is usually constructed from a heavy-duty material, such as steel. A common stud spacer width is around 7 centimetres (3 inches), which is divided into two equal parts of 3.5 centimetres (1.5 inches) a piece so that the weight is equally distributed on both sides of the ATV. Common fitment sizes which are found in this category of spacers are around 1 centimetre (3/8 inches), which make them ideal for front placement use on various brands of ATVs, such as the Magnum, Scrambler, Trail Blazer, Trail Boss, Xpedition, and Xplorer models. This size of the stud spacers also works well for both front and rear placement on the Predator and Sportsman model ATVs.

How to Buy ATV Wheel Spacers on eBay

Finding wheel spacers for your ATV is easy when you shop on eBay. There are a large volume of individuals who sell ATV wheels spacers here, so the selection is always vast. Wheel spacers are available for most ATV models. You can find a great deal on wheel spacers by entering keywords into the search box from any eBay web page.

ATV wheel spacers are one type of component that many people enjoy adding to their all-terrain vehicles, because they like the look of the bike stance after applying them. However, most ATV owners add spacers because they help improve the performance and handling of the vehicle. Universal wheel spacers and stud spacers are common options available for ATVs.

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