AVG License Keys! How to tell a Genuine one!

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AVG License Keys! How to tell a Genuine one!

Over the past month i have seen many AVG keys being listed on the AU Ebay and Worldwide ebay that are non-genuine.
This guide should show you the signs of a fake key!
1. There are no such things as 3-4 YEAR License. These keys have been generated though illegal methods. You may think 'well least my software works' but this is not true. A month of even 2 months later the software will block the key! There are 3 year licenses in some places although you should stay clear of them unless you 100% trust the seller
2. All keys starting with '8MEH' are illegal keys. If you receive a key like that please contact AVG and dispute your payment!
Got a license and want to check? here are some methods:
1. Google your key. This is a simple method to tell a fake key. If it comes up in the search results then you have received a fake key.
2. Contact AVG support. They have a phone number and live chat on their webiste. They are happy to assist you with your questions
3. Go to the AVG Renew and Upgrade center and paste your key into there. If it shows the key as invalid. Then you may have a fake key. Most AVG sellers require you to enter you key into the Registration center before using.
4. Did you Seller ask you to enter you license into the Registration page of AVG? If they did then you have a genuine license.

If you see the signs of a fake license..report it to eBay and AVG. AVG are trying to fight illegal keys!


Hope this helps someone!
Thanks, Godmad056

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