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Hi There,

Now im not normally one to post Negative Guides, However having recently been caught out myself purchasing a No Name Product on eBay i feel obliged to share this information with you.

If you search nearly any category on eBay you will find "No Name" products. That is, Generic products with no branding at all.

Most of these products are bought via Alibaba, and are produced as cheap as possible.

These products Generally look identical to to the name brand products, however the quality isn't half as good! 

Myself, I recently purchased a No Name bathroom scale because it looked identicle to the name brands such as J&M, Pregio, Taylor, Tanita etc. So i figured it must be identicle just cheaper... Boy was i wrong! It was in-accurate, battery's run flat quickly, and i ended up throwing it out.

So how do you pick a Legit Product?

1. Check it it has any branding- Brands have a reputation to lose if they supply bad quality products, "No Name" products dont.
2. Check the sellers "About Me" Page- If the seller is upfront about themselves, then 90% of the time they will supply good quality products.
3. Buy from the experts in that niche- If your going to buy a TV, buy it from a seller who specalises in electronics. If your going to buy a Scale, buy it from someone who specialises in scales. This way if you have any issues they will be able to help you out with advice as they focus on their products and will know the most about them.
4. Look for Strong Guarantee's and Warranty's- Not only does this protect you if something does happen with your purchase, but it the seller is willing to Guarantee their products, they are generally pretty good. Always look for a minimum of 60 day warranty. As well as a change of mind policy, which means that if you get your product, and its not as you expected, then you are protected.
5. Stick to Top-Rated Sellers- eBay has created the Top- Rated seller program to high light good sellers. However a word of warning. Not all Top-Rated sellers are the same. Check out their About Me pages prior to purchasing to learn about their legitimacy.

So the moral of the story:

This Christmas as you buy gifts for your loved ones on eBay (which if your anything like me you will do most of your shopping online) stay away from No-Name products. There is would be nothing worse than giving your friends and family a Christmas present, only to have it break only a matter of days later.

Thanks for reading,

And Merry Christmas!

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