Ab Circle Pro - Big Myth

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People ask me all the time why don’t I promote the Ab Circle Pro?

I have tried and tested this product and there are a few area’s of concern about the product. The product itself is ok if it is used as complement to your training program however as it is marketed as “The Fast, Easy Way to a Sexy Body!” people are mislead that they will look like the models from the TV commercials just by using this product only. 

If you are overweight and think that this product is all you need then you are wrong.  You need more then just this machine to get the results you seek and a 5 minute wonder machine does not exist.  The people on the Ab Circle ads are paid models who follow a calorie controlled eating program.  Jennifer Nicole Lee, the “face” of this product has been a fitness model for years and did not get to where she is now with this machine but due to hard work following an exercise and diet program.

I must give to the guys who market the Ab Circle credit they have a done a grab job of marketing this product.  However what you do not notice during this ad is they refer to the Ab Circle Pro as the Ab Circle System. Which means you need to follow the system to get results which includes a calorie controlled eating program!

What they also don’t tell you is that you can not spot reduce, we lose fat from our entire body regardless of which body part we exercise. It’s also not realistic to be able to burn fat without doing a minimum 30mins high intensity workout. You won’t see definition in your abs until you lose enough body fat – no matter what you do!

The Ab Circle Pro doesn’t replace the gym. You will still need to do full body workouts.  So instead of looking for 5 minute quick fix change your attitude to “Swap it” this means instead of eating a muffin choose to eat an apple…….instead of taking the escalators take the stairs!  A small change in your mind set will make a huge difference in achieving you health and fitness goals.
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