**Abbreviations in listings/descriptions**

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You will often see abbreviations such as BNIB, NWOT etc in listing titles and item descriptions. So what do they all stand for?

  • BNIB: Brand New In Box
  • BNIP: Brand New In Packet
  • BNWT: Brand New With Tag/s
  • BNWOT: Brand New Without Tag/s
  • HC: Hard Cover (for books)
  • L/S: Long Sleeved
  • NIB: New In Box
  • NR: No Reserve
  • NWT: New With Tag/s
  • NWOT: New Without Tag/s
  • ONO: Or Nearest Offer
  • PB: Paperback (for books)
  • S/S: Short Sleeved
  • VGC: Very Good Condition
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