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As a senior Ecotools seller and been selling for more than 200 sets of different sets of Ecotools, I would like to make it clear to buyers.

Firstly, I can say I sell large range of Ecotools product compare and I import my goods from trust worth importer.  However there is some chance of defected item and I am more than happy to offer refund or another replacement so please contact me in any cases.

Secondly, I always maintain the postage for domestic and International buyer as low as possible therefore I would remove the outside packaging to lower the shipping cost.  I received every stock in original packaging and I removed it only to low the postage so I can offer the affordable price.

Australia domestic shipping -

Large letter (thickness less than 2cm) for $1.20 - $1.80 (without outside packaging)
Regular Parcel (thickness more than 2cm) for $6.60 (without packaging)

I hope now you can see why do i take out the packaging....

Make an example from the EcoTools traveling set, I am selling it for $9.90 (including postage).
If I send it with packaging which for $6.60.
$9.90 - $6.60 = $3.30
$3.30 is what I get and this excluding my import shipping cost, mailing bag etc etc etc.
$3.30..this is way lower than what I purchased from importer.

This can apply to International shipping too.

I do not make any profit from postage for International and Domestic shipping and sometimes I even pay for the extra myself.

Especially to Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Israel due to the heavy restriction in their local post office.

We all know Aus Post charge International postage pretty high (you can refer to their website) and I have been trying my best to make the International shipping as low as possible.

Therefore I do not have much choice and take out the packaging to lower the cost....

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