About Stephen Procter, designer of Procson Pulpits Arc1 lectern

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Who Designed the Best Selling Arc1 lectern?

Procson Pulpits Arc1 modern church lectern was designed by Sydney based designer Stephen Procter. Stephen was born and studied in Wellington, New Zealand. He moved to Australia to work for design consultancy KWA. During his time there, he designed many products for Australian companies, and in his spare time, various products for churches. 
In April 2007 he showed a groundbreaking range of children’s furniture at the Salone Satellite in Milan, winning the top award for the Satellite and attracting considerable press attention. 
In addition to his design projects, he owns and runs Procson New Generation Pulpits and Swirla Communion trays.  He designs all the products produced by these companies. He is obsessed with function and design coming together to bring about products of the highest quality. His passion is clear when many of his products go through over 30 prototypes before being manufactured. The testing phase can be epic but it reflects his desire to get each product just right for the customer. Stephen oversees all of the manufacturing of the Arc1 lecterns, which is done in their small factory in Sydney. His attention to detail and insistence of a high standard of production means that he is now a pulpit specialist and runs the world leading, Procson Pulpits. 
He lives in Sydney with his wife and children.

Stephen Procter, from Procson Pulpits
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Stephen Procter, from Procson Pulpits

A welcome to Procson Pulpits from Stephen Procter

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