About Streetboards

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What Is A Streetboard?

A streetboard is made up of 3 main parts; the 2 pivoting footplates, connected by a centre deck. The trucks/wheels are mounted on the base of the footplates. All streetboards have 4 wheels, two underneath each footplate.
Foot straps are attached to the footplates, which the rider stands on.
Most modern streetboards are made from compressed ply-wood, similar to that used in traditional skateboards.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Streetboard?

First of all, be sure that what you are bidding on is in fact a streetboard. There have been people selling 'Ripstick' boards on eBay under the title of streetboard.
Secondly, it is worthwhile doing some research on Google on the model of streetboard you are bidding on. Check to see it's value, and also when it was made. Streetboards have been around for nearly 19 years, and the models have been revised & improved over the years - You don't want to be purchasing an out-dated model unless you have a specific reason to.
There are two main manufacturers of streetboards today; Highland Streetboards & Dimension Streetboards. Generally when searching on eBay - These boards are safe to bid on.
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