Acer Aspire Z5101 All-in-one vs. How to Buy an HP Pavillion 20-B021A

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Acer Aspire Z5101 All-in-one vs. How to Buy an HP Pavillion 20-B021A

This guide will look at two desktop computers, one by Acer and the other by Hewlett Packard, and detail some of their features in comparison with each other. Although, the two different PC's are both classified as ‘all-in-one' computers, the main difference between them is the touch-screen capability on the Z5101.

Both models will be available to buy on eBay, so this guide will provide links to the site throughout.

What are All-in-one PC's?

Whereas standard computers will consist of a separate hard drive and monitor, an all-in-one PC will integrate the two together. In simple terms, all of the system's internal components will be fitted into the display. The obvious benefit of this is the reduced size of the whole computer, allowing for easier storage and transport.

The Acer Aspire Z5101 All-in-one

  • Design – The Z5101 has a stylish design, with a smart black and silver appearance and 23" inch screen. It has a support stand at the back so it can be positioned anywhere in the house. A clever inclusion is the cable management cover; a feature that organises and separates cables so they don't tangle and look untidy.
  • Performance – Using a multi core AMD Athlon X2220 2.8GHz processor, performance is quick and fluent for Z5101 users. It allows for different programs on the PC to be used simultaneously at a high speed. There is a 500 GB hard drive for storage.
  • Screen – As noted previously, the standout characteristic of the PC is the high definition touch-screen display, which also has a multi-touch function. Watching media looks fantastic with the powerful HD graphics, full 1080p resolution, and full 16:9 screen. Brightness settings can be adjusted at four levels (off, 30%, 60%, and 100%).
  • Functions – Although the touch-screen function can be used, the Aspire Z5101 can also use a wireless mouse and keyboard if preferred. Applications that are pre-set into the computer include TouchPhoto, TouchMusic, and TouchCam.

The HP Pavilion 20-B021A All-in-one

  • Design – The Pavilion 20-B021A requires a physical keyboard unlike the Aspire model but still is a sleek and compact desktop computer. It has a smaller screen at 20" and an all black appearance with a curved, silver support stand that rests along the length of the screen. An LCD panel, speakers, and a webcam are integrated into the front.
  • Performance – Using the impressive Windows 8 (64-bit) operating system, performance of the computer is very fast. Performing multiple operations, surfing the web, and watching media is smooth with the 2GB RAM capacity. Upgrading to 16 GB on a 64-bit system is also possible. Storage space is the same as the Z5101 at 500 GB.
  • Screen – The 20" monitor is a high-definition display with a 1600 x 900 resolution, meaning that images will be crisp. The integrated AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics chip also ensures that images, text, and videos will be crystal clear.
  • Functions – A web camera and microphone built-into the display mean that these accessories don't need to be purchased as extras. Also installed is a Norton Internet Security 2013 product trial. The mouse and keyboard need to be connected via a USB.

Aspire Z5101 vs Pavilion 20-B021A

The table below will highlight the most important specifications to the average consumer of both PC's:


Acer Aspire Z5101

HP Pavilion 20-B021A

Item Weight

15 Kg

6.4 Kg

Product Dimensions

66 x 63 x 25.4 cm

50.6 x 39.9 x 10.12 cm

Screen Size

23 inches

20 inches

Processor Type

AMD Athlon 64 X2

AMD E1-1200 Dual Core

Processor Speed

2.8 GHz

1.4 GHz

RAM Size

3 GB

2 GB

Hard Drive Size

500 GB

500 GB

Operating System

Windows 7 Edition Home

Windows 8

Buying on eBay

· To search out both the Aspire Z5101 and Pavilion 20-B021A on eBay, then using the keyword search tool is recommended. Type one of these phrases into the search bar and then proceed to review the listings.

· To enter the relevant category, select Computer & Desktops from the Electronics section and then enter the Desktop PCs.

· Use the refinements menu on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down the results in terms of their condition, buying format, and price range. The Advanced Search page provides further options to help with this.

· Care needs to be taken when buying a desktop PC online and especially on eBay. Review the description left by the seller along with the additional items, such as power cables and instruction manuals, which should be included with the purchase.

· For a chance to find a computer at a reduced rate, look within the eBay Deals section of the site and specifically in the Desktop Computers category. Potentially big reductions in the recommended retail price can be on offer, with free postage and packaging also included.


The Acer Aspire Z5101 and HP Pavilion 20-B021A are two all-in-one personal computers with fast processors and high performance levels. The Aspire model is more powerful with a touch-screen facility, whilst the Pavilion is lighter, smaller, and comes with useful features integrated into the system.

As more and more sellers are using eBay as a place to offload their desktop computers, the chance of finding potential bargains is higher. Remember to stay safe whilst using the site however.

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