Achieving The Perfect Makeup for Any Occassion

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This guide is designed to assist in the application of makeup for any occasion from wedding and glamour to your natural everyday look. Achieving a great makeup can be done in five stages.


These five stages will be explained with some handy hints given throughout. Makeup can be scary to some but by the end of this explanation a willingness to experiment with color and techniques will become more fun and easy to achieve and a lot less time consuming.

Before starting to apply makeup skin preparation is important. NOTE: Your makeup is only as good as your skincare. A basic three step regime is all that is needed for great skin. This includes: Cleanse - foam or cream cleanser
Soften - softener or toner
Moisturize - lotion or cream
This process assists with the removal of dead skin cells and balance of oil and moisture content in the skin.

Steps for base include- primer, foundation, powder.
Application of primer or pre makeup cream is important as it smooths the skin, is lightweight in texture and ensures longer wear of the foundation. Next is choosing a foundation, which is based on personal preference of either liquid or compact versus skin types.
When applying foundation give heavier coverage to the cheek area and lighter coverage in the t-zone. Also don't put heavy foundation over the lips as this may alter the color of the lipstick color chosen. Finally, if a matte finish is desired and the skin type is oily then use a pressed or loose powder over the top of the foundation.

Steps for framing include: Eyebrows, mascara, cheeks and lip liner.
Before fixing eyebrows, comb out and excess foundation with a brush. When shading eyebrows it is best recommended to use a dust rather than pencil as it doesnt leave the 'drawn on look'. Next apply mascara. A common mistake is using mascara last and getting bits in your eye shadow and therefore ruining the eye makeup. Whereas by doing the mascara first, any mishaps can be easily fixed with a cotton tip. After mascara is blush. When deciding between cream and powder blush use the rule of; if using a powdery based foundation, use a powder blush. However, if using a cream based foundation then use a cream blush.
With lip liner go on your natural lip line first and to be protected against lipstick bleeding, get a corrector pencil which is skin tone in appearance and go just outside the drawn lip liner. This corrector pencil provides a light-waxy film to protect against the lipstick bleeding and also contours the lips, giving them better definition. Great for thin lips!

Steps for coloring include: eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick.
When choosing the colors to be used to this step decide what is wanting to be enhanced. Eyes or Lips. If the eyes are being enhanced then use bolder colors in the eyes and a paler lip color. However if the lips are wanted to be enhance use a brighter color in the lips and less bold colors in the eye area. NOTE: It is important to not have bold colors in both the eye and lip area as the makeup may end up looking overdone.
The most basic tip with eye shadow is to use a light color all over the eye and a dark color in the outer corners. This gives a gradation effect and is easy and quick to achieve.
Next is eyeliner. If it is preferred to be able to blend the eyeliner then use pencil. If a more dramatic and bold effect is desired then use liquid. NOTE: To make the whites of the eyes whiter and the size of the eyes to appear larger, then use white eye liner inside the inner rim of the bottom of the eye.
The final stage in coloring is lipstick and or gloss. Simply use the lipstick all over the lips inside the line that was drawn previously in the framing stage. For a more shiny or lustrous appearance finish with a gloss over the top. When doing dramatic eye makeup, often just a simply gloss on its own can look really effective and make the eyes stand out even more so.

This is the stage where all areas of the makeup are checked and finishing products like bronzer is applied. NOTE: If using a foundation that contains an SPF and the makeup is being done for an occasion where being photographed, dusting light bronzer over the top of the foundation is important to prevent the face looking white or pale in photos. Now the makeup is finished and looking fabulous.

This guide is only a starter to the possibilities of makeup. However i hope it has given more confidence in the application. As makeup should not be scary as it is so much fun and inviting for creativity.

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