Action Figures Collecting & Keeping them Pristine

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Action Figure Collecting Guide

Why Collect?

It's fun & you can also make a Profit if your smart about it. I collect Lord of The Rings Action Figures just because I like LOTR but they will also be worth a bit later.

What should I Collect!

Some people choose to collect boxed igures, others collect loose figures without Packaging. Some only collect a certain character (like Yoda for example). It is up to you, but only collect not to make profit but if you like them & it will be more fun. As a general rule toys in packaging are worth more than loose figures, but it also depends on the condition of the Card & packaging which determines the figures worth. Then there are exclusive figures, often these are mail in rebates, varations etc... Read On to find out!

Different Types of Figures:

MIB or MOC Mint in Box or Mint on Card: Often worth more as they haven't been taken from the packaging.

Loose: Figure without packaging. Sometimes missing bits.

Exclusive: Figures only available for a short time, a mail in rebate or cupon figure. These are rare & often worth a lot if MIB.

Short-Pack: Suppliers pack a certain figure less than the others, this means this certain figure is worth a bit more & harder to get.

Variant: Sometimes a figure is missing an accessory, has a different colour hair to another. These are sometime worth more but not always. Be careful as some sellers will sell a faded skin colour toy as a variant, when really it's not.

Where Can I buy them?

eBay is a good source for sellers own collections & even toy stores.
There are heaps of online stores
Another good place is Target, Safeway, Big W & those major chains unless your after vintage ones.

Keeping Track of all your Toys!

You might have so many figures, it's good to keep track. I have an excel file 'Action Figure Database', please email me if you'd like me to send it to you. It's good to know how much you bought it for, small details & how much you sold it for (if you do) to see if you are profiting but also to track what you got so you don't buy doubles.

Loose Figure Care!

  • Clean them only with water & a lint-free cloth.
  • Put them in Plastic Zip-Lock bags to protect them from wear & tear.
Or you could keep them in Plastic cases. You can find some on ebay (beanie kids cases are great for smaller figures). Or you can buy specially made cases from the US but are expensive.

Boxed Figure Care!

  • Pack them carefully in Cardboard boxed with foam bits with each plastic surface touching the next plastic surface.
  • Goo Remover is great for Price tag removal.
  •  If you want to display them, consider making or buying a perspex or glass case.
  • A cheap way is to put them in 'comic book' bags or zip locks.
Finally Just have fun, theres no point going overboard & obssesive about collecting (yes there are some). Just enjoy it, it's a great hobby which might pay off.
Please email me via ebay if you want any action figure related stuff, or just have questions.
Please check out my other guide & rate them!

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