Adding a Great Gallery Photo- Quick Guide

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Hi and Welcome to my Guide on Adding a Gallery Photo!

I have found over my time shopping on Ebay that items with a Gallery Photo REALLY DO attract more buyers.. I am one of them.
There is a few tricks, however, to make sure your photo works for you and it represents your product in the best possible light.
This is a brief outline for all of us who are time challenged! ..
I start by clearing a space on my desk next to my laptop. This is a white background and works well. I then drag a desklamp over to the item to use that for extra lighting which is very important.
Incandescent lamps rather than fleuro lighting works best. Make sure the light is right overhead of the item to be photographed to avoid excessive shadowing.
You don't need a fancy camera. My little laptop used for communication works fine. This will also give you a photo that is the right size to upload to the internet also. Play around with the software to obtain the best contrast, colour and brightness.
Make sure you get correct focus and snap several shots so you can chose the best one from a bunch.
Now.. The final touches..
I use a photo editor program to take out any items in the background like pens left on the desk, bad shadowing around the edge of the item and to also adjust the colour, contrast and brightness for optimum levels again. It is really nice to accentuate the colours on an item until you think it looks true to life. I like the 'clone' function on editor as you can, for example, make the whole desk look the same shade of white and take out grubby background marks.
Save your photo in your special Ebay folder that you can add to My Documents where you do your saving.
That way you know exactly where it is and don't forget to name it well eg. 'baby toys-edited'.
List your Ebay item and upload your photo to Gallery and check the final look once finished.
You will attract many more buyers and have a record of the item you have sold.
Happy Selling!!!
Michelle, Victoria

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