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Every one knows the benefit of purchasing via EBAY you can get some great deals and also the benefit of SNIPING auctions at last minute. all in the aim of getting product cheaper, another one worth noting is look for the items that you want using a MISS SPELT items just google how to buy miss spelt items on Ebay and you will find heaps of search engines. where you can type in the item you would like, then click the search and it will bring up all items that have been spelt incorrectly.  see the search engine on ebay likes spellers to spell properly items that aren't spelt properly will NOT show up in a regular Ebay search. so if you find something on a miss spelt search you will find not many people have bid on it. simply because it doesn't show up in a regular search on Ebay.

I have have picked up a number of items very very very cheap as a result of looking for what I want under miss spelt searches.

that is my biggest tip for buyers

for sellers MAKE SURE you SPELL properly to get the higher views

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