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Additional Information.....

Adding Mica dust - Renascent stock a beautiful range of natural cosmetic shimmers - also known as mica dust, all colours, including: gold mica, Copper, Rainbow or a pearl iridium dust. It is very inexpensive and you only need a pinch.
After you have melted your soap and added the colors and fragrances, add a tiny pinch and wait a few moments. Do not add more at this stage, it takes a few moments to show. You will notice a beautiful shimmer suddenly appear throughout your soap. If desired, you can add a pinch more at this stage to get the effect you desire. Alternatively - paint shimmer in mold to give your unmolded soaps a gold / shimmer appearance.

Soap Petals for guests - Renascent now stock inexpensive high quality silk flower petals. These are lovely to use as guest soaps. Melt your Renascent Melt and Mold soap as usual, adding colors or fragrances if desired. Dip each petal in and place on a piece of tinfoil or wire rack to dry. When set (usually only a few minutes) you will have beautiful soap petals. Place in a dish for guests to take one and wash their hands. A lovely idea for parties or special guest soaps. Packaged up, these make very (inexpensive) special gifts.

Adding Botanicals - Many different items can be added to your soaps. Try adding green tea leaves, dried basil leaves, herbs, dried flower petals. Anything you can imagine. It is important to dry the botanicals prior to use as they may otherwise become mouldy or rancid.  *Remember, botanicals will sink to the bottom of your mold in most cases and if you use a lot of very fine botanicals, they can become caught in body hair when using the soap and create an unpleasant experience.

What to do with all this soap - There has been a recent awakening in soap making, however those who have looked into soap making from scratch will realise it can be complex and can be quite dangerous, especially with little ones in the house. With the Renascent Melt and Mold soap, you have a lovely quality soap that can be made in a few minutes, safely and with the addition of anything you like.
It makes wonderful gifts, people just love a delightful soap and unlike some gifts that sit around forever, we all use some form of soap. Great fun for children to make and perfect for school fetes & craft days - the possibilities are endless, but most of all .............. it is great fun, enjoy!


Different Molds - Many different objects can be used for soap molds. The best choices are professional soap molds or chocolate moulds. The little sea shell chocolate molds are lovely for guest soaps, however, ensure people do not confuse them with sweets. (They look and smell great, but don't taste so good)  Some chocolate style molds are now available for larger items such as love heart shapes - these are ideal for soap making molds. (Renascent stock a range of trays, delightful high quality silicone molds & 3D molds)

A milk carton can be used to make a bar style soap.  Pour your melted soap in as usual, however if you intend to use opaque soap & cut the soap don't leave it for the full hardening time - it will shatter and you will have to remelt it. I find for a 1 litre milk carton - my hardening time is around 4-5 hours. It will still feel slightly warm often when I unmold it. I peel the milk carton off (once only use). Then placing the block on a chopping board covered with tin foil, I mark where I want my divisions to be and then use a cleaver to slice through. Generally if you are a little careful (and have a good cleaver) your cuts will be fairly accurate.

Renascent College stock many molds and slicing devices for this use. If you wanted to seriously get into the soap making this may be the way to go, however, I find for most people the basics work just fine. It is a really lovely sight when you have just unmolded about 6 different blocks of soap and sliced them up. The kitchen smells wonderful and there is a great self satisfaction that comes about with soap making.

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