Adidas Shoes Buying Guide

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Adidas Shoes Buying Guide

Adidas is a large sportswear company that sells sports clothing and equipment, but it is best known for its footwear. Professional athletes, from football star Messi to the New Zealand All Blacks team, count on Adidas shoes during their performances in games. Consumers who want professional grade sports footwear cannot do better than Adidas, but the company also makes a line of casual footwear that can be worn everyday.

Adidas shoes are found in sports stores, footwear retailers, and online at websites such as eBay, where shoes are sold for men and women. Consumers can expect to pay top dollar for a pair of Adidas shoes, but fantastic deals are plentiful on eBay. When it comes to buying Adidas shoes, one needs to purchase a pair based on use, design, and size to get the most value for money.

Adidas Shoes

Adidas shoes can be recognised by the trademarked three diagonal lines on the shoe. Adidas designs many sport-specific shoes with shapes that vary greatly depending on the particular sport the shoe is used for. While some of the sport shoes are brightly coloured, the casual line is more laid-back in both colour and design.

Football Shoes

Adidas is perhaps best known for its football shoes. Professional players regularly wear them, famous athletes endorse them, and the company regularly sponsors the World Cup. It is renowned for its Copa Mundial shoe, first introduced in 1973 and still commonly used in professional play. There is also the Predator boot, designed by Australia's own Chad Johnston that features a revolutionary contour shape that helps players curve the ball when kicked.

No matter what line is chosen, all football shoes have several features in common. They are relatively lightweight, made out of leather, and come with small cleats. While these cleats are not as large as those used for rugby and baseball, they help the player keep the balance while running on soft ground. Often, the cleats, and even the entire bottom sole, is plastic so as to not increase the overall weight of the shoe.

Running Shoes

Adidas also competes in the cluttered market of running shoes, and its shoes earn high marks from professional runners for the comfort and cushioning the shoes provide. Adidas took the lightweight design perfected in the football shoe, added cushioned soles to replace the hard plastic ones, and slightly increased the heel of the shoe to offer better support. Some popular Adidas running shoes include the Salvation, Ride, and Supernova lines. Interestingly enough, Adidas uses kangaroo leather for some of its more expensive running shoes, since this leather is noted for being extremely supple.

The company also makes smaller running shoes designed for track and field competitions. These shoes look extremely similar to football shoes as they have short lips, less cushioning, and smaller soles. However, they are incredibly lightweight, which is ideal for running short distances.

Basketball Shoes

Adidas basketball shoes are specifically designed to address the needs of professional athletes. The soles of these shoes are very thick, but they are also smooth to allow the player to glide across the basketball court. The lip of the shoe is raised and padded to give the ankle extra protection during the frenzied footwork required to deal with an opponent. Best of all, these shoes are extremely comfortable, which means the wearer can play for hours. Basketball shoes, along with football shoes, come in many bright colours.

Baseball Shoes

Adidas also produced a line of baseball shoes that share many features in common with its football shoes. While football shoes are primarily designed to be lightweight while sacrificing on the strength of the cleats, baseball shoes are a little heavier since they mainly use metal cleats. However, this gives the baseball shoe additional strength. The cleats help when a player is running full tilt before coming to a stop in order to catch the ball. Many professional players love Adidas shoes, and they are even notably worn by the entire line-up of the New York Yankees.

Casual Shoes

The casual shoe line includes everything from sneakers to sandals. Some of these shoes look nice enough to be worn for a casual day at the office, while others are better for relaxing weekends. In the casual line-up, Adidas concentrated on comfort and style above all else. These shoes still proudly don the three Adidas stripes, but that is where the resemblance ends between this line and the sporting shoes line.

The casual shoes tend to have completely flat soles meant for walking. Depending on the style, the lip can be either low or high. Material composition also varies from canvas to leather and everything in between.

The sandal line is also known for its comfort. Unlike traditional sandals that just have flat bottoms, many Adidas sandals have small, rounded plastic points on the upper sole of the shoe. These tiny points actually massage the wearer's feet while walking, and for this reason, many consumers never buy sandals from another brand ever again.

Selecting Adidas Shoes

When it comes to picking a shoe, there are several factors a buyer needs to consider. Purpose, fit, and style are chief among the choices. The good news is that Adidas offers a wide selection so that everyone can find shoes that fit well.


Many Adidas shoes are designed for a specific sport. An athlete should pick a shoe that matches the sport it is intended for. Sometimes, choosing from the various styles can be difficult. One the main problems comes from running shoes, simply because running involves many levels of endurance. Track and field shoes, for example, were developed for short runs and tend to work well for competitive events. However, long distance runners and joggers need to stay away from track and field shoes and instead go for straight running shoes. Those who like to run outdoors on trails do well to select cross trainers, a special type of running shoes with very thick soles.


Fit is very important when it comes to buying shoes. In a store, the consumer can get his foot measured by the clerk, but this is impossible to do online. Adidas uses the following size chart based on shoe sizes.

Foot Size (cm)



US Men

US Women




































In order to get the best fit, one needs to measure the foot from the ball of the heel to the tips of the toes. The foot measurements help the buyer find the right shoe size from the Adidas collection.

How to Buy Adidas Shoes on eBay

eBay has a staggering collection of Adidas shoes available to fit every budget. An up-and-coming football star can find brand new professional football shoes on eBay, or he can save a bit of cash by going for a used pair. Used shoes are an effective way to save money, but it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the shoes are in good condition. Never buy a pair of used shoes that seem to be incredibly worn or display noticeable defects.

When it comes to searching for Adidas shoes, you can begin by typing 'Adidas shoes' directly into the search engine. This limits results to the Adidas brand, but you still end up with a large number of listings for shoes. You can start narrowing down your options by searching for a certain type of shoe, such as 'Adidas athletic shoes', or whatever type that fits your needs. Searching by size, such as 'size 8 Adidas shoe', limits results to the shoes in that specific size.


Adidas shoes accommodate different lifestyles. While the brand is known for its exceptional shoes for professional athletes, one can also find a line of casual shoes for any occasion. What a buyer can expect from Adidas is shoes dedicated to superior performance, comfort, and fit. Each shoe in the sporting line is developed for a specific sport in order to help the athlete excel at the sport of choice.

When it comes to purchasing shoes, fit is also paramount, especially when buying online. Consumers need to take the time to measure their feet and then consult the size chart in order to get a perfect match. In the end, no matter what shoe is purchased, the consumer can relax knowing that the money was well spent on a pair of Adidas shoes that stand up to the test of time.

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