Advanced guide to feedback on ebay

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Advanced Guide to feedback on ebay:

Hi again! in my first guide " Guide to leaving feedback for newby's" I talked about the importance of checking feedback, leaving feedback and looking at the loopholes of negative feedback left under the headings of neutral and positive to help preserve an ebayers reputation.

These are all important aspects of ebay's feedback system but what do you do if you would like to increase your feedback enough to get to the 'golden 20 ' stage ( where you have 20 feedbacks and can open your own store if you like!) or even more and get a different coloured star? ( we will talk a little more about that later!).

  • Working up to 20 feedbacks in order to open your own store - to open your own shop on ebay, ebay needs to ensure that you are a trustworthy person and therefore you can't just go in and open a store and start ripping people off!lol. To get up to 20 feedbacks you need to buy or sell 20 different items on ebay and ensure that you have sufficient repoire with them so that they would like to leave you feedback!
  • SELLING - one way to do this is by selling some really great little trinkets really cheap and making sure that you are friendly , post items out as quickly as possible and ask your buyer to leave you feedback. It can be frustrating when you have a 0% rating as people are very hesitant with buying off somebody with no reputation, which is why it is usually a better idea to make a few small purchases first and then try selling once you have 5 or so positive feedbacks - it sounds very complicated though it isn't really!
  • BUYING - you don't need to go on a big spending spree! it is amazing the things that you will find on ebay that you would buy every day and will be a whole lot cheaper online - the main thing to look for is a seller with a great feedback rating (99% - 100% is ideal) and look at postage costs ( average postage for small items should be no more than $4.90- $5 in a prepaid postpack) check out our shop - for minimum postage prices ( we always use prepaid postpacks to cut back on costs and have a $8.90 postage cap as well). If you buy a few small things and are a model customer ( just as you would hopefully be a model seller) you only need to make a few small purchases to get your rating up high enough to start selling and then it should be no time before you are eligible to start up a shop!!!.
  • GETTING THE FEEDBACK'S UP - if you are a results orientated person and just want to have the highest feedback rating you can, then selling/ buying from different people will give you a higher score than selling/ buying from the same people. Personally I love the reliability of great sellers/ repeat customers but this is totally up to you!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - if you are a great seller and are honest and reliable with your customers, you will be a lot more profitable than if you do the wrong thing and get a bad reputation for the sake of selling a few items and not delivering on the goods! a good seller will attract good repeat customers !!!!



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