Affordable Golf Clubs Buying Guide

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Affordable Golf Clubs Buying Guide

Each year, golfers from all over the globe flock to local courses and beyond to enjoy the game of golf. Golf is quite expensive, and those who consider themselves to be savvy shoppers tend to look for bargain golf clubs. Those who follow the sport know that every year, golf equipment companies unveil new clubs that are designed to make balls fly farther and turn a novice into an expert. However, these clubs are usually quite expensive, more so than equipment for other sports.

For golfers who simply wish to learn the sport, the cost is often a deal breaker. However, there are options in terms of affordable golf clubs, many of which can be purchased in golf shops or online via websites such as eBay. In order to understand more about finding the right golf clubs, it is helpful to be aware of the different factors that make one golf club stand out from others. It is also useful to know the differences between costly clubs and affordable ones so that one can select the type that meets the needs.

Evaluate Golf Ability and Preferences

Before looking at buying new clubs, a solid evaluation is needed about how well the user plays golf. For those who play sporadically or are amateurs, there is little need to invest in clubs that offer special benefits or are more costly. For those who are new at the game but plan to work on their abilities and have the opportunity to play regularly, it may be worthwhile to look for more specialised clubs. Those who have years of experience and play quite frequently, but have little money for new clubs, should look for used clubs or those that are sold at discounted prices.

Understanding Golf Clubs

Before making a purchase of golf clubs, it is helpful to understand the types of clubs and how they work. Clubs are made of distinct parts, each serving an important function. Many golfers have a full set of clubs which are designed to work in every possible situation. Amateur golfers may not need that many clubs and can often get by with a driver, a putter, a wedge, and a few irons and woods.


For many golfers, the clubhead is the most important part of the golf club as it is the part that comes in contact with the ball. For this reason, a good clubhead should be aerodynamic, solid, and contain defined edges. Most golfers and non-golfers alike are aware that there are the major types of clubs include woods and irons.


Woods are clubs that were traditionally made from wood but now are nearly always made with metal. Woods have larger clubheads compared to irons, and are designed for longer range drives. Most sets of clubs should contain at least one wood which is the driver and is typically only meant to be used at the tee. Other woods are smaller and are meant to provide more lift rather than long distance.


Irons are clubs with a solid, thin clubhead. The club faces usually contain grooves, which are meant to provide spin to the ball and help them fly in a straight line. Irons are the clubs that feature the most variations for players of different skill levels. Clubs are usually weighted or altered in terms of structure in order to work better with beginners or experts. Many irons are actually labelled as being for beginners or for improving a game. Irons are generally designed to create loft rather than provide ample distance.


The most important part of a golf club, aside from the clubhead, is the shaft. While the clubhead is what comes in contact with the ball, the shaft is what transfers power from the golfer. Shafts generally come in two forms. The first, graphite, is typically more expensive, therefore those who wish to find less expensive clubs should look at other options such as steel. Graphite, aside from being more costly, is known for creating a fast swing speed. Steel, however, is more popular with beginners. It should be noted that not all clubs within a set need to be made of the same material. A driver can be made with graphite, while all the rest can be steel. This is one way to save on club costs.

Shaft Length

When buying clubs, it is important to make certain that they are the right length. This can be difficult when buying online, but it is possible to find the appropriate measurements online or to simply enter a golf store and ask a fitter to find the right measurements. With these measurements in hand, finding clubs of the right length is much easier.

Shaft Flexibility

Golf club shafts are designed to bend or flex in some way as they are swung. The amount of bend is important to note as well, as it helps increase the force needed to drive a golf ball. However, this is dependent on how fast the club is swung. Stiff shafts are considered more prestigious, as it requires more strength and skill to use them. Lady shafts are not necessarily intended for women. However, they may carry a stigma for certain players. For those who do not hit long drives, a more flexible shaft may be an ideal choice.

Buying Used Golf Clubs

One way to find affordable golf clubs is to look for used clubs from a quality seller. This is actually much easier to do online rather than in a store, where more profit is typically made on new clubs. However, there are some considerations when buying used clubs. For the most part, these are physical problems with the clubs that can come from overuse or improper use.


Clubheads become damaged over time from striking a hard ball again and again. This can cause dents and dimples in the club face and can have a profound effect on gameplay and performance. When buying used clubs, it is important to carefully examine the face for these flaws. Clubheads with grooved faces are particularly prone to this problem. When buying online, close-up photos of the clubheads can be extremely helpful.


Like clubheads, shafts can become damaged from overuse. This usually results in bends or dents in the shaft itself. Obviously, even a slight bending can cause major problems when playing. Dents are also a problem. Dents usually come from a club striking something other than the ball or from being stored improperly. It is also important to make certain that shafts are attached properly to both the grip and the clubhead itself. This can be difficult to ascertain sometimes, but a firm pull can determine if they are loose. Obviously, having either one become loose can be a major issue when it comes to playing a solid game of golf.

How to Buy Affordable Golf Clubs on eBay

Golf clubs and other sporting goods are popular items on eBay. Sellers from all around the world have their goods for sale on this website, and in many cases, even new items can sell for less than they might elsewhere. Used golf clubs are also a popular item on eBay and are a great option for those looking to save money. One way to find golf clubs on eBay is to use the search bar found on every eBay web page, or browse their deals page. This search bar can be used with simple terms, like 'golf clubs', for a more generalised search, or it can be used with specific terms, like, '5 iron graphite shaft'. Either approach can be fruitful.

Be Thorough

When buying anything on eBay, it is extremely important to read the product description thoroughly. This product description can include important details about an item's history or mention damage or other problems with the product. It is especially important to read this when buying used clubs. It is also possible to get clarifications from sellers via email.


For many who wish to enter the world of golf or expand their participation in the sport, the cost of buying clubs can be daunting. However, there are options for more affordable clubs, which can be as good as the more expensive ones. Before making a purchase however, it is important to learn about the different styles of golf play and understand where the buyer stands on the spectrum of novice to professional.

From there, it is easier to make a determination in terms of what kinds of clubs are necessary as well as how many clubs should be purchased. Clubs come in many forms, and it is helpful to know what the different clubs are for and how the materials that they are made from can affect a game. Used clubs can be a wise investment if they have been cared for properly. By being a discerning customer, it is possible to find just the right set of golf clubs that is also affordable.

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