After Sales Service, Customer Satisfaction

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How many of us have really concidered or even given much thought to our sales past getting the money and then good feedback. Have you bought things yourself and waited for what seems like ages and then at last it arrives and thought, it would have been nice to know that it was posted, or it arrived and the parcel was badly packed or it never came.
In the format that ebay provides you have all the tools you need to ensure that the customers feel safe and trust the site but the rest is up to you.
You really must ensure that the customers are happy to buy from you and trust you!
You the individual have invested time and energy into aquiring, photographing and listing your goods for sale and you have finally made the sale, it does not end there. But you really must, in order to understand the frustration of the customer when you recieve emails from the few unhappy customers, think about one or two things.
Firstly have you a system in place regarding the delivery in a reasonable time of the product, have you charged reasonable postage. As close to the actual cost as possible + packing materials etc. Have you been honest in the estimates for postage sometimes this is very difficult but you are selling a product that the customer cannot see and touch which adds a lot of  trust in you as the seller, you must not betray that trust under any cicumstances. Put yourself in the customers shoes for a moment, you have waited a week and not heard from the seller, you wonder has my item been posted have they recieved my money where is my product. Have you informed the customer that you have recieved the funds, have you posted the item, most importantly have you informed the customer of these things. I know to some this will seem very silly and a waste of time but the customer whom has lost faith in one seller will be hard to entise back as you rely on people coming to ebay and puchasing your wares.
Life today is frought with everyday problems which sometimes delay posting our goods or other things but if you inform your customers of whats going on they are very happy to be patient and understanding.
  1. You have listed your wares- have you described them the best you can, any faults, point them out
  2. Answered all the question's - always thank  the potential customer for the question  when listing you can make mistakes we are all human.
  3. You have made the sale - send an invoice either automated or do it manually. State the postage set the payment option you prefer.
  4. Check Your account regularly - email the customer that the item is either posted or the money has arrived ie on Fridays let them know that the item will be posted on the next businness day.
  5. Postage notification- let the customer know that the item is in the mail.
Create flyers or thank you notes to put in with the product and always thank them for their custom.Pack the product well, the postal service is automated and the machine are not as gentle as human hands.
Inform the customer that the parcel has been posted.
 But most importantly thank the customer and invite them back to your auctions.
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