Ageless Beauty

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Skin Skin loses its elasticity over time and begins to dry out with the onset of menopause so it's more important that ever to use a moisturizer or moisturizing products. Choose one that's formulated for your skin type.

Eyes Dark, heavy eye make-up accentuates lines and wrinkles and can make droopy eyelids sag. Try a lighter shade of your favorite color and an eye pencil in place of eye liner to soften the look.

Brows and eyelashes Brows and eyelashes thin with age. Using a brown mascara instead black will define your lashes without overwhelming them.

Lips Pink and brown shades are more flattering on lips than deep maroons, matte finishes tend to work better than glossies.


    * Concealer in skin matching shade and concealer brush - cover broken capillaries/age spots

    * Nude Lip Liner - stop feathering lipstick

    * Sunscreen - prevent further damage by sun

    * Taupe Brow Powder - fill in sparse brows

    * Creme Lip and Cheek Colour - pat onto lips and apples of the cheeks

    * Mascara - adds lashes as they start to thin, the thinner the lashes the thinner and more liquid the formular needs to be to look natural

    * Matte Eye Shadow in neutral shades - shimmers tend to be ageing, so mattes are a good way to define and add some colour.

Make up for mature beauty

As we age, our perception of ourself changes, and the way we present ourself to the world changes too. I have met very few women, from birth to 92 (that's the oldest face I have made up) who didn't want to look pretty or at least better than they felt they looked. Make up for agelss beauty is all about adding back some colour and definition lost by age. It's a time to relax and enjoy your face, celebrating it's uniqueness. Don't believe the retouched definition of what you should look like, the models don't even look like that.

If we all had a retoucher, make up artist, lighting expert and stylist we'd all look like that!

Apply your foundation or base foundation brush for sheerer texture. Try switching from a foundation to a tinted moisturiser with an SPF.

To conceal under-eye darkness, apply a little of our Cheek Highlights just in the dark area, generally a half-moon line from the inner corner of the eye downward, and then blend slightly. Then apply concealer in the correct shade (not to much lighter than your foundation and definitely with a yellow base to it).

Rethink your eye shadow. Apply a sheer wash of eye shadow all over the lid and bring it up to the brow so it fades to nothing. It’s a fresher, more contemporary look than the traditional three-color method of lid color, dark crease color and brow highlighter, which can make eyes look more hooded as women get older.

Don’t be shy of shimmer. But do opt for less shiny shadows, or sparkles. Stay away from extremely frosted eye shadow. It accentuates the lines.

Keep the darkest shade of eye shadow close to the lid, with the light shades moving up to the brow.

Avoid smudges under the eyes, which accentuate dark circles. Go easy on the mascara and eyeliner on the bottom lid. Try putting mascara on just the corners of the bottom lashes and eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible.

Redefine your eyebrows with brow powder to open up your eyes, you want to emulated the shadows cast by the brow hairs, not the actual hairs.

Keep your makeup understated. Less is more.

Cheeks are essential. If you are naturally pink, head for peach on the apples of your cheeks, if you are golden based, head for pink.

Last thoughts...

We can camouflage the exterior, but we should not neglect the interior!

Our goodness or badness, generosity or animosity, love or hatred, all show somewhere here or somewhere there on our bodies. If we are good from within, our face reflects a mesmerizing state of goodness; if we are not, we clearly show it through our expressions. Every single muscle in our body and faces changes the way we look.

Ageless beauty comes from within.

A good person with a calm, peaceful inner world generates true beauty, regardless of age. So often, simple-looking, down-to-earth people impress us in the first very instance. They are the ones who carry an inner, positive influence as a beautiful mark on their faces.

A major part of beauty is mindset, and you actually reflect a positive or a negative mindset when you look beautiful, or do not.

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