Air Conditioners

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What you need to know

Before buy an air conditioning unit for your home, there are a some things to know that will assist you in determining what type of unit will best fit your needs and what size the unit needs to be.

First consider your location

Not all units are advisable to use in all regions of Australia.  For example, evaporative units are not designed for humid climates.

Position of your House

Rooms that receive direct sunlight, facing east, west or north require additional cooling capacity.

Things that will help

External Blinds, canopies or internal drapes will help to cut down the heat entering a house. These will help save money on your air conditioning unit and cooling/heating costs.

Can curtains help?

Curtains and blinds can help, yet only heavy curtains will help to hold the cold air in.  Internal Shading will also assist in keeping the cool air within the house.

Do my windows make a difference?

Glass can make a difference in holding the cold air within your house. To increase the performance of your air conditioner make sure your windows are well sealed and are tinted, this will help make your home more energy efficient. If you own a older house you may want to consider reviewing the condition of your windows, any unwanted gaps will only reduce your cooling performance.


A well insulated house will always out perform a house with out proper insulation. Insulation in the roof, walls and floors will help to keep constant temperatures.

How many rooms do you have?

Rooms and size of the rooms will help decide the type of unit that you require.

Which Air Conditioner?

Once you understand your house requirements, then you can decide on what type of air conditioning unit will be best suited to your home.

    * - Portable - good for a small or single room and only require little cooling but would like the option to move the unit around the house.
    * - Wall /Box- if you only need to cool a small or single room and only need cooling occasionally.
    * - Split System - for larger rooms or for multiple rooms that need a complete cooling solution.

Getting the right size?

The output amount is a measure of the mass of heat that will be extracted from the rooms in your house by the air conditioner.  Air conditioners are measured in kilowatts, for example 125 watts = (.125 Kw) this is then used to determine a per square meter of floor area to be cooled.

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