Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners the good, bad and why.

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Smoke particles, Microbes and many other solid contaminants are far smaller than the hair and dust you see floating in the air, narrower than the 10 micron threshold of visibility. A micron is about one twenty five thousandth of an inch. The gas molecules from smoke are many times smaller still. To remove such objects, air cleaners typically use filters, electrical attraction, or ozone. If you suffer from allergies or asthma this may help a little. Heres how they work.


The finer a filters sieve, the smaller the particles it traps. HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR FILTERS,  HEPA to you and me will trap 99.97 Percent of all particles larger than 0.3 microns. By comparison, a room air conditioners foam filter traps particles only 10.0 microns or larger. But even the best HEPA filter cant catch something as small as a gas molecule.

Electrical Attraction.

There are three main types. In a high voltage precipitating cleaner, a high voltage wire charges particles drawn in by a fan, which are then attracted to a precipitating cell carrying the opposite electrical charge. An electret filter uses fibers with a static charge to trap particles. A Negative ion generator uses fine, electrically charges needles or wires to ionize particles, which collect in the filter or, more typically, on your walls and furnishings. NONE of the electrical cleaners remove gas molecules, they tend to diffuse back into the air.


An Ozone generator uses a high voltage electric charge to convert oxygen in the air to ozone, a pungent, powerful oxidant. At sufficiently high concentrations, ozone attacks and destroys gas molecules and microorganisms. However Ozone has no effect on dust and other particles. Some Ozone generators can actually foul the air.

About our Homes.

Our homes are much better insulated than they used to be. Plus we stay inside our homes stays there longer. You think you live in a controlled environment, but what about your heating devices that produce carbon monoxide, foam or plastic insulation, formaldehyde in furniture, rugs and draperies, gas ranges, self-cleaning ovens, people who smoke, cleaning supplies...and on and on.

 Air may linger more than five hours in a room allowing pollutants to dangerously accumulate. There are many things you can do to decrease the amount of polluted air in your inside environment.

Convenient aerosol sprays are great for deodorants, hair sprays, room freshness, furniture polish, oven cleaners. I could go on and on.  Aerosol sprays linger in the air long after the odor has gone, this compound's the pollution problem. You can substitute every aerosol in your home for safer and often less expensive products which can be rubbed or poured. This is a very easy form of pollution control. Plus buy some environment friendly items.

Good ventilation is important in your home. Changing air conditioning/heating filters on a regular basis and using an exhaust fan when cooking cuts down on pollution. Use a damp cloth when dusting and a wet mop on floors to prevent raising dust. If you must be in a place where there is a lot of dust. Try and vacuum first. Use a good vacuum with hypo-allergenic filter bags. You can use the hose and attachments to vacuum, wall, blinds and those hard to get at places.

Best Model to buy.

AIR PURIFIER Zalmandn NBA - 350  Number 1 in Austailia  Cost on ebay approx $549

Oreck Air purifier, This has a switch to turn off the Ozone if you require.

Sharper Image Ionic Breeze,  Air Probe Sanitizer,  Blueair 601,  Blueair 501, IQAir HealthPro

Honeywell Various models that move the air. Air free Sanitizer Space guard 2275 Envirocare EV 35A

Bionaire F 150

The IQ Air Health Pro is the best for Pollen, but cost approx $750

Sunbeam Aircleaner

Worst Model to buy.

    Blueair Airpod,     Roomaid Hepa purifier,     Hamilton Beach,

    Bionair has 3 models available in Austrailia, all rate below poor.

  Both These models can produce harmful levels of ozone and do not have an automatic control to limit ozone output.

Quantum Panda plus Q11,      Alpine 150, 

A good vacuum cleaner with a genuine hypo allergenic bags will cut down 70 percent of pollutants in your home. If you have allergies never use cheap made to fit vacuum bags, even though I sell them myself, it may save a few bucks, but your health is more important. Always try and buy the Genuine bags.

When dusting the home, always use a lighty damp cloth, a feather duster will just throw the dust and dirt into the air, this will then settle again on you and your bed linen.


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