AirSep® ImpulseTM Elite Oxygen Conserver

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AirSep® ImpulseTM Elite Oxygen Conserver
RRP $1135.00

The ImPulse Elite Oxygen Conserving Device fits over any standard post-valve oxygen cylinder to extend the duration of the cylinder between replacements.
This OCD greatly aids in the mobility of supplemental oxygen users, allowing them to venture away from their homes and into enjoyable activities with family and friends.

Clinician's best choice in OCD systems
    •    Two modes of operation: 6:1 or 3:1 conservation rate
    •    Equivalent to continuous flow of up to 6 LPM
    •    Weighs only 682g
    •    Requires only 1 x 1.5v "D" size battery, lasting 10-18 months
    •    Optional M6 cylinder and carry case with shoulder strap
    •    Dimensions: 69mm W x 60mm H x 28mm D

ImPulse Elite...

Clinicians overwhelmingly agree that the preferred choice in oxygen conservation technology is every-breath pulse flow delivery.
AirSep’s Impulse Elite offers two modes of every-breath delivery-depending on a patient's medical assessment.

Both delivery modes offer clear advantages to the patient and now, Airsep, a pioneer manufacturer in the OCD technology that combines both delivery modes within one unique 12-setting unit,
leaves it to you and your clinician to choose which method of oxygen delivery is most appropriate for your requirements in maintaining oxygen saturation while providing maximum ambulation time.

Recognizing that patients' needs for supplemental oxygen are different, home care providers can rest assured that their choice of ImPulse Elite meets patients' and their clinicians' expectations.

With this ImPulse Elite, an easy-to-adjust internal switch allows the provider to select an appropriate pulse mode for a particular patient.
In one mode ambulation time is maximized; in the other, oxygen flow is maximized.
In addition, the readily accessible flow selector provides 1-6 lpm equivalency.
Economical and efficient, the ImPulse Elite - the choice is yours.

ImPulse Elite combines convenience and portability for patients with therapeutic oxygen needs.
Through advanced electronic features,
the ImPulse Elite unit responds effectively to a patient's respiratory cycle and delivers the precise amount of prescribed oxygen when it is most beneficial - at the beginning of inhalation.

Realizing that the needs of patients vary greatly, AirSep presents a total, self contained oxygen conserving system that is so versatile, any ambulatory patient can use ImPulse Elite, regardless of prescription.

ImPulse Elite Ensures lightweight portability, unobstrusive and economical use .

The unit securely and easily fits over the top of any standard post-valve cylinder with no confusing supply tubes or regulators to connect.
Simple over-the-cylinder installment when empty cylinders need replacing.

ImPulse Elite accepts any standard cannula and post-style cylinder.
Three-light system assures patient of unit’s self-monitoring capability.

ImPulse Elite works well with E-cartable systems, which lengthen ambulance time

Carrying Case Options:
The universal-style carrying case, specially designed for use with impulse Elite & an cylinder, serves as a vertical or horizontal shoulder bag or as a backpack.
A tote-style carrying case is roomy and can be used with an ML6 cylinder.

WEIGHT     24 OZ. (with “D” size battery) 682g

4.39in. x 5.58in. x 2.55in.
11.15cm x 14.17cm x 6.48cm

POWER     (1) 1.5V, “D” size alkaline battery

Mode A: 18 months
Mode B: 10 months

Alarm/cannula disconnect
Low Battery-Audible/visual (yellow)
Pulse flow-Visual (green); indicates good battery

Mode A
Flow Setting     1     2     3     4     5     6
mL of Oxygen     8.75     17.5     26.25     35     44     52
Actuation Frequency     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath

Mode B
Flow Setting     1     2     3     4     5     6
mL of Oxygen     16.5     33.0     49.5     66.0     82.5     99.0
Actuation Frequency     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath     Every breath

MODE A: Every breath-6: 1 average
MODE B: Every breath-3: 1 average

(Except Model OC006-2)     2 lpm oxygen; manual switch

Red/Refill Zone : 0-500 psi
Green shaded Zone : 500-2,200 psi
Green Outlined Zone : 2,200-3,000 psi

3,000 psi

* Based on a 2 lpm flow setting, 20 bpm, 2 hrs. per day

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