Airbag sports safety jackets for motorcyclists (Aust.)

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AIRBAG SAFETY is now available for motorcyclists and pillions. 
New generation airbag system technology has been built into motorcycle jackets.

***NEW FOR 2010*** Contact us for these latest products!
   1. "Naked" airbag harness-type vests (MLV)
    2. Hi-Visibility airbag vests (YS)
     3. Hi-Speed activation upgrade units (S-model) - required to be installed by Distributor.

Existing jackets provide abrasion resistance and limited padding or armour.
So the choice is now between "Skin Protection" and Skin Protection AND Impact Protection !


An airbag system for jackets provides an unparalleled level of IMPACT protection against injury and death from motorcycle accidents.
Impacts are absorbed by the airbag and redistributed throughout the airbag around the riders' body.  The rider may not even experience a bruise at the point(s) of impact!

There are also additional ancillary benefits with the airbag and its protective sleeve:
  • There are additional layers of material for the riders protection.
  • The material stretching effects as the airbag inflates causes the jacket to be held tightly to the body preventing it being stripped off, riding up, or snagging and presenting the material tightly for maximum abrasion resistance.
  • The rider is held within an airbag splint the immobilise and protect their spine from injury.
  • The stitching construction of the jackets is superior to other jackets in order to accommodate the airbag inflation.

There is little added weight from the airbag system - with the jackets weighing between 2 and 3 kg.


NOTE: This guide is based on the Airbag jackets by HIT AIR from Japan ( Mugen Denko Co Ltd) which have been on the market since 1985 and have a proven safety record.  HIT AIR is the market leader with several thousand units sold throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and now also the US.

HIT AIR have provided their airbag system to many other jacket manufacturers, esp. in Europe, but now produce their own range of jackets and vests.

We [ "Hit Air Australia "] are the exclusive Australian distributors of this product and wish to provide this advice for eBay users as we are strongly interested in the safety of riders and pillions. 

We do not sell by eBay but directly over the web from our own website, but may do so in the future if there is interest.  Few jackets ever appear on eBay as owners do seem to keep them close!

We have briefly described the system here and have provided more detailed information at our own site: with links to many other safety and interest areas. 

This Guide is NOT meant to be read as a commercial but as these products are design leaders there are very few competitors, so other gear has to be examined and compared with the additional features offered by these models.  In several cases the competitors have copied the HIT AIR design! There are some copies from Taiwan and Spain and a few other airbag designs on the market.


Airbag jackets provide instant airbag safety from accident impacts and are REUSABLE, if not damaged, by replacing the CO2 gas cartridge (it costs only $23).  (There are some 20 styles currently available in the HIT AIR range and our prices range from $600 to $960).

Activation is by a lanyard (coil wire) secured to the bike which pulls a spring loaded trigger out of the riders' jacket when the rider (and/or pillion) is thrown from the bike.  Accidental activation is not likely as a 25kg force is required - so if the rider forgets to unclip from the coil wire the airbag will not be inflated, only feel a strong tug to remind him/her.  The rider and bike weights easily exceed the activation force required for separation.  Riders soon adapt to the new system involving the coil wire connector clip in and clip off.


The airbag is fully inflated in less than 1/2 a second, and will absorb the impact forces of a fall or collision with any objects. 

Protection is provided by the airbag to the riders' neck, chest, hips, back, and bottom

The riders' neck and spine are especially protected as the jacket acts as an air splint which prevents spinal movement.  The inflation of the jacket also prevents the jacket from being stripped off, snagging, or riding up and presents the jacket material tightly for best abrasion resistance.

The airbag is fitted with an air release valve which deflates the airbag over a 3-5 minute period. The trigger mechanism and CO2 cartridge can be reset/replaced by the rider easily within a 5 minute period.


All jackets have back pad, shoulder and elbow CE approved armour and have many other design features such as air vents, waterproof pockets, reflective panels, removable winter liners, full or partial mesh construction as well as a range of colours. Optional chest and spine hard protectors are also available if required or preferred by the rider.

Airbag jackets are worn by Police in several countries and may also be worn by horse riders.

The system can be used by horse riders, ATV or Quad riders, etc.  It may be very useful from operators and clients of learner rider schools, tour groups and extreme sport riders.  Refer also to our Horse Riders airbag jacket eBay Guide.

Buyers need to consider their own safety as well as their pillions (especially any children as pillions) so the airbag jackets/vest provide a great  additional measure.  The existing choices include model, size, and colour. 

Other brands of airbag jacket are available so compare the quality, features, effectiveness of the triggering mechanism, technical reliability and testing, and dealer service, experience and reputation.

An airbag jacket may keep you from the pain, trauma and loss of activity of an injury; extensive medical expenses, and out of the hospital system; or at best out of a coffin!

Models from HIT AIR include:
  • summer, winter and between season styles;
  • commuter, sports and touring uses;
  • waterproof or rain resistant;
  • high visibility or general design;
  • jacket or vest (some jackets have removable arms/sleeves);
  • a variety of abrasion resistant materials, including full or partial mesh for coolness and ventilation;
  • a range of colours.
Depending on the model sizes range from XXS to 4XL with colours including Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Grey, Silver, Beige.

Now, the answers to the general critical discussions ( on motorcycle forums, etc) on airbag jackets:
  • Require a lanyard/coil wire to activate: Yes, but more simple and reliable than experimental electrical or explosive triggers using accelerometers, etc.
  • Don't inflate until separated: Yes, but jacket has protectors and padding, and abrasive resistant materials as any other quality motorcycle jacket. In addition you have the additional layers of airbag and airbag protector sleeve between you and the road. (PS: no airbags have yet been reported as having been damaged).  Even if you slide you will separate from the bike and inflation will occur.
  • Not fully inflated for 500 milliseconds (1/2 second): True, but inflation is of course progressive and inflation occurs instantaneously building to full inflation.  Substantial airbag protection is already available in first 100-200 ms. It's the final full pressure build up that takes the extra time as one knows when ever inflating any product such and a ball, airbed, or tire.

  •           ****NOW NEW HI-SPEED ACTIVATION UPGRADE UNITS ARE AVAILABLE: full inflation within 0.25 seconds!****
  • Accidental inflation: Highly unlikely, as force required is 25+Kg.  Getting off bike is not enough, you feel the tug and have to release.  The product would be a dud if it was always going off accidentally wouldn't it!
  • I wouldn't wear one!: Well OK that's up to you, but why should other peoples taxes have to pay for your treatment and recovery!
  • Testing by authorities: There's been plenty of testing, laboratory, dummies, stunt riders, real accidents, etc. - but no real way to test for motorcycle accidents though we've been trying with a couple of independent authorities, here in Australia.  Their effectiveness has been reported by many clients who have had activations.
  • Why don't racing riders use them? Some do! There are some racing versions, however  racers have very good road conditions, grass and pebble run offs, protected cushioned barriers, etc. so impact accidents are minor compared to street riding.
  • They are too expensive! Well what's your life worth, or the cost of ambulance, hospital, medical, loss of work, trauma, recovery, pain and suffering worth?  How much are your responsibilities worth to cover/replace? Why not get the latest generation of safety gear available to reduce or eliminate these injury related costs?
  • I prefer leathers! Leather and materials have pros and cons.  But leather can't help you in an impact, and body protectors are not as efficient as when combined with an airbag.
  • What about legs and arms?  Life and major injury threats are to the body and organs, neck and spine! The jackets have shoulder and elbow protectors and one should wear good riding pants and boots.  Check out the HIT AIR gloves too which provide Palm Protection as well!!
REMEMBER it's not the falling off that's the problem, but it's hitting things.  The airbag will absorb the impact! 
Note too, that an accident may not be your fault, it could be the road conditions or another driver, etc. so your skills may not be enough.

HIT AIR also offer a range of unique and effective PALM PROTECTION gloves.
These provide a new approach to impact force distribution and reduced friction to minimise the potential for hand, finger and wrist injury.
We have produced a Palm Protection Glove guide on eBay as well.

More information, including details of the HIT AIR airbag system, product range, promotional materials, reviews, activities and downloadable videos are on our website 
We welcome any further website contact,  enquiries, comments, feedback, and interest. 
Contact us at:

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