Airplay2 Benefits; THE nano's perfect companion!

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This short guide will assist you in deciding which fm transmitter to get for your ipod.
There are currently a few of offer, by the two best are the xtrememac airplay2, and the kensington transmitter. The Xtrememac can be purchased for much less, does the exact same job, and can also be used with any radio, not just a car unit as is the case with the kensington unit.

I personally have an ipod nano, and the xtrememac airplay2 fits it perfectly, provides awesome reception, and allows me to charge it at the same time. I also tested this unit with another ipod (a 20gb photo one) and it works just the same... The only major difference being that it fits the nano MUCH better than any other larger ipod.

I real problem with this transmitter is that it uses a LARGE amount of the battery life... For me I found that it lasted about 3 hours, and by then all the nano's battery life was drained. So if you were to get one, also consider purchasing a car charger to go with it.

The last thing work mentioning is that the blue screen looks so good, it is soo small, and you can get a bargain on ebay... Compared to other fm transmitters, you can pick one up for less than half the RRP of $100 that stores offer it for.

Since this unit is offered in either black and white, i purchased a black one as it matches my black nano perfectly. It only adds about one inch to the length, and is just as wide. It is as thin as the nano, and even comes with a case to be able to keep it on the dash board in the car. Also the reception range is not so far, by attaching a wire about 18centimeters long to the side of the unit will, according to this site (, allow it to transmit music for over 25 meters.

So what are you waiting for? With such a good unit, go and BID on it; or go and buy it now!
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