Alfa Romeo Alfetta Migliorata 2.0 Ltr

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Alfa Romeo Alfetta Migliorata 2.0 Ltr

With the  success of the Alfetta 2.0 Ltr "L" Alfa Romeo continued the luxury theme with the introduction of the "Migliorata" or Alfetta ED 82 as it was known in Europe.

Retaining the same body, the car underwent yet another interior upgrade with the addition of power front windows and central locking.  The instruments were carried over from the 2.0 Ltr "L" with facia given a wallnut veneer to match the dash trim.

A new leather steering wheel was also added.

Externally, the grille assembly had changed supporting four headlights instead of the previous square type.

The rear taillights were also reworked by substituting the plastic chrome surround for a matt black finish.

A dark grey plastic number plate frame was also mounted between them.

A front windscreen together with radio antenna sandwiched between the two laminates, electric rear view mirros, dark brown side protection moulds and one piece sill moulds completed the picture.

Mechanically, the car was given electronic ignition, a new type of air filter assembly and a new set of gear ratios that, for the first time, gave an Alfa Romeo vehicle a fifth gear ratio that was a true overdrive.

Arriving in Australia very late in 1982, the Migliorata was sold as the 1983 year model and continued only for that year, but because of the model over lap between the 2.0 Ltr "L" and Migliorata, the two cars were sold side by side in a number of dealerships.

Consequently, there has been some confusion in correctly identifying between the two cars.

Not every car sold in 1983 will automatically be a Migliorata.

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