Alienware M17X vs. Apple MacBook Pro ME665X/A

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Alienware M17X vs. Apple MacBook Pro ME665X/A

When it comes to premium computing, two of the powerhouses of the laptop world are Alienware and Apple. Both have very different corners of the market pretty much covered, so to examine which suits a customer's needs best, this guide will explore the similarities and differences between the Alienware M17x and the Apple MacBook Pro ME665X/A, compare the key features of them, and detail how to purchase either using the helpful features on eBay's site.

Comparing Key Features

These two machines are for very different audiences – the Alienware gaming laptop is a gaming rig suited to the most hardcore of gamers. Packing a lightning quick processor, RAM and graphics card, the hefty price tag is warranted given the components. The MacBook Pro on the other hand is equally well kitted out but is better suited for those looking to enter or expand into multimedia pastures. The latest Mac OS and the stunning high-quality retina display give this machine the capability to do some incredible graphic and video design work. To get a better understanding of each in relation to the other, the table below give an overview of the key features:


Alienware M17X - Specification

MacBook Pro ME665X/A Specification


Intel Core i7-3610QM (2.3GHz)

Intel Core i7 (2.7Ghz)


8GB (DDR3)

16GB (DDR3)

Hard Drive


512GB Flash Storage


Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

OS10.8 Mountain Lion Preinstalled

Display Type

17.3 in" (HD LED Backlit, 1,920x1,080)

15" LED Retina Display 2880x1800 @ 220 ppi

Max Resolution



Graphics Processor

Dedicated AMD Radeon HD 7970M

Intel HD 4000 Graphics plus NVidia Ge-Force 650M with 1Gb

Optical Drive


Integrated DVD+/-RW +/-DL

By looking at the key stats of each next to each other in this way, it is easy to draw comparisons between both, as well as the big differences already mentioned. To pick between the two, the customer must first decide what it is they are intending to do with their machine. Once this has been decided, the key features of each will start to make more sense. To demonstrate this, some of the main points are examined below in further detail:


Both come packing the top model of CPU in Intel's range – the Core i7. There is a slight difference though, the Alienware Laptop clocks in at 2.3GHz whilst the Apple Mac has a faster 2.7GHz version. This processor is phenomenal when it comes to performing the most demanding tasks a user can throw at is, so both can easily handle the latest software. The Mac's slightly quicker processor and greater RAM will make it useful when performing multiple power-hungry tasks.


Again there are differences in the RAM that each machine is packing, although this again reflects the purpose that each one was built for. The Alienware machine houses 8GB of high-quality DDR3 RAM, whilst the MacBook has an eye-watering 16GB. However, 8GB will give the Alienware laptop enough memory to play all the latest-generation games with ease, whilst the Mac needs 16GB to run the many resource-heavy applications it was built for.


Another big difference here as, predictably, the M17X runs Windows 7 and the Mac has OS 10.8 installed. Again we see that the Alienware runs the OS that supports all modern games, whilst the Mac uses the OS that is best suited to multi-tasking in the areas already outlined. Each is best suited to the needs of the user.

Other Features

There are a few other contrasting points of note too:

  • Hard Drives : The Alienware has a 500GB internal hard drive which has plenty of space to store all the latest game data and other multimedia files. This compares to the 512GB flash memory that is found in the Apple Mac. The latter gives a faster transfer rate and can be upgraded more easily than the Alienware.
  • Display: The Alienware goes for a large widescreen HD display, impressive at 17.3 inches. On the other hand the Mac has an incredible Retina Display that has a resolution 2880x1800 on its 15 inch display.
  • Disc Drive: Differences are again seen here, with the Alienware having a Blu-ray drive and the Mac having an integrated DVD rewriter.

Buying an Alienware M17X or an Apple MacBook Pro ME665X/A on eBay

It's clear that there are two different needs catered for with these two laptops. Whichever is the most suitable, both can be found on eBay in theLaptops and Notebooks section of the Electronics category. There are some site features that help customers find the right item:

Search Refinement

After a category or keyword has been searched, there are a number of filters on the left-hand side of the site which allow the user to narrow down the results that are displayed so that only those within a certain price range, from a certain brand, or in a certain condition are displayed.

Product Listing Pages

Each product has its own listing page which can be accessed by clicking on that product in the results page. Here, information such as a full description, image gallery and spec list can be found.


Seller info can also be accessed from the product listing page – this shows the previousratings that a seller has, as well as a means of contacting the seller to ask about a particular product.

Buying Options

There are two methods that can be used to purchase an item depending on its status. Some are Auctions, which work like regular auctions and the other have the option to Buy It Now.


These two laptops are serious machines, each with its individual purpose. Choosing between them should be easier after gaining a greater understanding from this guide. When shopping on eBay for either machine, customers know they can be safe thanks to the sites buyer protection programme.

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