Alkalise Your Diet and Lifestyle for Optimal Vitality

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Exerpt Taken from "The Alkalise2Energise Vital Lifestyle Program" (

It would seem that the 21st century is fully focussed on feeding and nurturing the acidic you, and of course by saying “the 21st century” I am in fact saying we – ourselves – the humanrace, are seemingly intent on developing this acidic direction. The air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, the anxiety we create, what we put on our skin and the thoughts we think are all contributing to a more acidic you. But what does this really mean – to be more acidic, and what consequences does it have on your health? In all its innate wisdom, the body has a rather renarkable buffering system specially designed to maintain a healthy ph range. This system works tirelessly creating bicarb to increase the ph and H+ ions to lower the ph so as each cell in the body stands the best chance to perform its tasks with maximum energy. Now, in a world with minimum acidic influences such as what I mentioned above, in italics, this system all by itself would be quite sufficient to maintain homeostasis (balance). But when we have a massively imbalanced acidic:alkaline exposure, this simple but effective buffering system is unable to keep the equilibrium.

What happens from here on is the scenario that is a major contributing factor in the propagation of all disease processes! Big statement – I hear you say. Well yes, it’s meant to be a big statement but I can tell you this, it is not nearly as big as the spiralling, allinfluencing health epidemic it has become. Think about this. By making a conscious decision to curb this influence on your cellular health, you are truly taking responsibility for your own health by deciding to treat the “cause” of your ill health. Most importantly, this is something everyone can do. It costs you little more than thinking before to act/eat/drink etc.and provided you have a guide to initially help you (that would be me), the practice of “applied alkalinity” is a lifestyle choice you make and maintain.

Like any change you intend to make, initially, the old patterns will be wanting to storm right back in, but you know what, once you feel the difference in your day-to-day life, that will be the motivation to keep moving forward. Differences like increased energy, decreased pain, less stress reaction and better sleep are often felt rather quickly, often within the first two weeks. Depending on your individual level of wellness, or unwellness, you may have some mild detoxification symptoms over the first week, but, as a rule, because this is a total lifestyle change based on whole foods, these symptoms are minimal for most. Short term discomfort for long term benefits! If you think about what’s happening to you in a more concentrated fashion in the first two weeks after changing your diet and lifestyle, it becomes clearer why it’s important to allow things to flow. Imagine all of those toxic acidic substances and chemicals that have been stored in your cells, creating symptoms and disease, being tossed out into the blood ready for the liver and kidneys to bind and excrete them. Of course, whilst they’re in transit to their exit, they can create symptoms in the delicate tissues theyflow from – especially the nervous system.

But what if you could regain that vital, pain-free life that you once lived? What if, you could take your dog for a walk or bend down and pick up you child or grandchild without thinking twice about consequences? What if, your energy levels were restored to a level which would enable you to go places and do things that you thought could only be vague memories of days gone by? What would you be prepared to commit to in order to realise these “what ifs”? I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but it’s necessary in order for you to grasp the pure, profound potential your body innately possesses and which bursts forth once you take responsibility for your own health!

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