All There Is To Know On Corsets

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What is a corset?

A corset is an item of clothing worn to help shape the upper body into a desired shape for aesthetic, or sometimes orthopaedic, reasons (either while wearing it, or for more permanent results). Men and women have both worn and still wear corsets.

Before I get into things to much you have to find corsets on Ebay. The best keywords I have found are "corset" "Bustier" "Basque" "lace-up" "clincher" and all your style words like "Victorian" "Goth" Rockabilly" .

Finding the right corset for you?

The idea of corset is to reduce the waist and emphasize the bust, corsets can look great on all shapes and sizes if you know which type and how to wear them, this also included picking the right materials for them to be made out of. The two main types of corsets are:

Overbust- Basically this type of corset covers the bust and usually sits just below the arm pit the corset can be short and finish just below the bust or long to the hips. Lace up, Hooked, Buckled or Buttoned as fixtures and is probably the most common type of corset. Over bust corsets should be worn by people who have a curvy figure as it extenuates curves or for someone with a bigger bust.

Underbust - Sits under the bust line and follows the waist line. Can be down to the hips or stop at mid waist. This type of corset is great for girls who have a smaller bust and bigger hips. Or a really small waist will look great in these. Like the Overbust This can be Laced Buttoned, Buckled and Hooked at front and back and usually retail at a smaller price.

Both these types of corsets can be finished in many ways my favorite is a round bottom finishing just below belly button and laced at the back. Other ways include a point at the bottom at the front for a more "gothic" type look or the corset might raise into points at the top there are to many to list all of them. Every corset lover will have seen something more different and unusual then the last. Some people prefer no laces at all and just like the hooks at the front these types of corset are best for smaller people as they have to do a lot less squeezing to get into them.

Colours and Fabrics.

Corsets can be made out of anything flexible like Satin, Leather, PVC, Denim, and Velvet. If you are going to go something like Leather be carful if you have ever seen a very old leather jacket you will see how extensively it can wear with time and this is not a desirable trait when it comes to resale. Choose something that suits you in both material and colour. This can be decided on how often you’ll wear it where to and what with...just like picking any outfit really. If you want the corset but it’s the wrong colour or fabric for you don’t buy it you’ll end up having something so lovely sitting in your wardrobe that you wont wear.

Corset Boning

Corsets now days are more boned with plastic but exceptional quality corsets are boned with steel which is extremely durable as you might imagin. These corset because of the quality usually cost quite a bit more depending on where you buy them from.


Found what type of corset you want now to fit into it perfectly... measure your basic bust, hips and waist (unfortunately I cant help you much with exactly where to put the tape measure). Always get a corset which is quiet a few inches smaller then your actual waist e.g 3-4 inches ... if measurements are listed, make sure that they are listed with the coset laced fully up and no stretch as if you get a corset to your exact measurements then you will have fully done up lacing at the back all the time (no gaps at all) and sometimes this can look loose and slides down...or up which are both undesirable. Don’t be to phased on the hips and bust if you get the right measurement for the waist your hips and bust will look fantastic. If you are massively velumptious in either of these areas always ask for the max measurements just to make sure (again you want about 3-4 inches smaller then you actually are).

Money things

People pay hundreds of dollars for a decent corset but you’ll pay a lot less then that on Ebay the most expensive I have seen is about $150 I checked it out and was pretty good quality. At cheapest you’ll get a simple cool everyday looking corset for about $30-$40 I have gotten a couple of absolute steals at these prices but make sure you check out what your buying no one likes to be disappointed.


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