All You Need to Know About the Xbox 360

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All You Need to Know About the Xbox 360

Released in 2005, the Xbox 360 has transformed from strictly a video game platform to include options for watching films and downloading music. However, Microsoft positions the Xbox 360 as the high performance platform to play the largest catalogue of video games available in the gaming industry. Games enjoy realistic graphics and plot scenarios, as well as the capability to compete with gamers halfway across the world. Consumers can find high performance Xbox 360 consoles by shopping online at eBay. First, consumers should review the primary types of Xbox consoles, the important features to have in a console, and a few tips that ensure they purchase an Xbox that matches their buying criteria.

Types of Xbox 360 Consoles

Microsoft offers gamers a variety of consoles tailored to match what gamers want out of a gaming system. However, most gamers can find what they want by choosing among three primary Xbox consoles. The three primary types of consoles work with most Xbox video games.

Xbox 360 4GB Console With Kinect

As the most recent entrant into the Xbox gaming family, the 4GB console with Kinect includes built-in Wi-Fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable, and a Kinect sensor. Microsoft integrates motion technology that allows users of this version to move their hands whenever they want to control a high definition film. Microsoft provides users with one month of free access to Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox 360 250GB Console

The stylish 250GB Xbox console includes built-in Wi-Fi that allows gamers to connect easily to the vast array of entertainment options on Xbox Live. Gamers benefit from a large hard drive that contains plenty of space to store a vast library of games and films. The Xbox 360 headset allows gamers to strategise with teammates and chat with friends during gaming sessions.

Xbox 360 4GB Console

Gamers on a budget can receive high-quality wireless gaming without having to pay extra for the Kinetic hand motion control feature. The Xbox 360 4GB console includes the same built-in Wi-Fi, black wireless controller, and standard definition composite A/V cable that comes with the 4GB Kinect version. Gamers who do not want to experience hand motion gaming movements can still experience high performance gaming experiences by purchasing this console.

Xbox 360 Features

The high-performance Xbox 360 manufactured by Microsoft contains the custom version of IBM's vaunted PowerPC chip. The chip possesses three core-processing units to provide enhanced gaming speeds. The Xbox 360 also includes an ATI that supports high-definition video uploaded to high definition televisions. Other features that gamers should expect include sufficient RAM, networking, and media centre capabilities.




512 MB

Eight times the memory of the original Xbox

Users benefit from faster response times whenever they access video games from RAM

Audio Processor

32 bits

Supports Dolby digital surround sound

Wireless Controller System

Helps gamers avoid tripping over wires

Operates in 2.4 GHz frequency band

Connects up to four controllers to encourage team play

Hard Drive

Two of the three Xbox versions include hard drives

Stores photographs, videos, and music files for playback on a home theatre system


Ethernet network port

Connect home network for online gaming and multimedia purposes

Front USB Ports

Hidden under front port of unit

Connects devices, such as iPods and a digital camera

Media Centre

Accesses televisions, DVDs, and home stereos

Store media files and upload for playback on home theatre systems

Only two versions of the Xbox include built-in optical drives that play high-definition films. Users can play DVDs by accessing the Xbox built-in DVD player, but they cannot play Blu-ray discs.

Xbox Buying Tips

In addition to selecting an Xbox console version and deciding among the numerous features, gamers must also follow a few tips when it comes to shopping for video game consoles. Xbox consumers must choose the condition of the Xbox and the accessories they want to enhance their gaming experiences, as well as find a seller who bundles Xbox games with the purchase of a game console.


New Xbox consoles provide users with a longer lifespan and a higher performance quality than provided by used Xbox consoles. However, savvy shoppers may find sellers on eBay who offer discounted Xbox consoles that they have removed from the original packaging, but have never played.


Many Xbox extras enhance the gaming and viewing experience, but the extras also add money to the cost of the game console. When gamers shop for an Xbox console, they must decide whether they want a stand, stand stabiliser, wireless remote, wrist strap, and external power adapter.

Bundled Games

Xbox consoles can cost hundreds of dollars. To alleviate cost concerns, consumers should search for sellers who bundle Xbox games with the consoles offered for sale. The games should be compatible with the Xbox version and play in mint condition. eBay offers Xbox buyers the best venue for finding sellers who bundle Xbox games with the consoles.

How to Buy the Xbox 360 on eBay

eBay hosts a large number of sellers who offer both new and used Xbox video game consoles. To find a seller who matches all of your buying criteria, buyers can type criteria-specific keywords into eBay's search engine. You can search for sellers who offer

bundled accessories

or define the condition of the Xbox that you want to purchase, such as new or used. Once you narrow your seller options to a few choices, review the information that eBay presents on each seller's product page. To ensure a quick delivery time for your console, only consider Xbox sellers who live in


, preferably in the same region.

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