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What is DUALSIM?
DUALSIM phones incorporate two sim cards into one handset unit. This means 

you can insert two GSM SIM Cards and have both active with the mobile carriers 

at the same time, effectively eliminating the need to carry two phones in your 

pocket. Our phones allow you to make and receive two calls at the same time.

Telco's and major handset manufacturers have been shielding this technology 

from the public for years, they don't want the public to have choice when it comes 

to choosing which Tariff plan offers best value, they want you to call on there 

plans, denying the users CHOICE.

What if I don't own two SIM Cards?
You don't need two sim cards to operate the DUALSIM phone; the phone will 

operate with one sim card. You can turn ON or OFF one or both sim cards to your 

choosing. Turning OFF both sim cards allow you to use the phone as a media 

player on a PLANE, normally referred to as FLIGHT MODE by your airline Captain 

during the safety announcements.

Can I make and receive calls on both cards?
Yes, both cards are active at the same time unlike other dualsim phones with 

require call forwarding from the network provider, both cards will be ready to 

receive or make a call. This is because our DUALSIM design has 2 sets of circuits 

to allow 2 lines to be active at the same time.

Can I send and recieve MMS and surf the internet using WAP on DUALSIM 

Yes, you will need to setup the correct GPRS setting for your network before you 

can send and receive MMS or access the internet via WAP. Check the settings for 

further details.

Can I connect to a car kit for hands free operation?
Yes, DUALSIM phones connect via Bluetooth to Bluetooth enabled hands free car 

kits, we have tested our phones with extensive kits available on the Australian 

market. Please check with your Bluetooth Device maker for compatibility.

Will my 3G sim card work in a GSM DUALSIMTM phone?
Yes, 3G sim cards will work on GSM DUALSIM phones, the 3G SIM card will 

operate like a normal GSM SIM Card. DUALSIM handsets can also read USIM 

cards, commonly used by networks such as 3 (Three), this is unique, as only a 

small number of handsets currently available can utilise both USIM and SIM 

cards. Please note your contacts stored on USIM cards might not be available 

while using the phone

Can I have two different phone companies in one phone?
Yes, you can have any GSM card in the phone you wish, including overseas 

cards. The phone is not locked to any network, so no jail breaking is needed or fee 

for unlocking.

We have tested the phone extensively with networks around the world, perfect to 

travel with unlike locked prepaid phones; you can call using a local sim card to 

save on roaming charges. Don’t get stung with roaming charges with the 

DUALSIM, keep your current number and make calls using a local sim card to 

avoid those exorbitant roaming charges.

Does my DUALSIM Mobile work in the USA?
Yes, our DUALSIM phone will work in the USA but will depend on the region and 

network you are using. We support networks that operate on the 1900Mhz 

frequency commonly operated by newer carriers in the US. Carriers still using the 

older 850Mhz standard are not supported. 

Does my DUALSIM Mobile work in the Japan?
No, Japan does not have a GSM infrastructure and thus no GSM phones will work 

in Japan.

DUALSIM limitations?
There are no limitations with the DUALSIM phones, our phones operate both SIM 

CARDS at the same time and the Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS, MMS and WAP are 

available on both cards.
The charger included in a multi voltage charger and would work in most areas 

around the world.
We have a database of carriers WAP and MMS Setting updated frequently on this 

website. You should confirm the details with your mobile carrier as setting may be 

changed without notice from the carriers. Check the settings for details.
Do I need to duplicate my phone book contacts for each SIM Card I insert into the 

DUALSIM phone?
No, the DUALSIM phone integrates BOTH SIM CARDS and the PHONES 

INTERNAL MEMORY contacts into a SINGLE phone book. You can see all the 

contact in a single phone book listing and clearly see which memory the phone 

number belongs to. You can call the listing using any SIM card, even if it’s not 

listed on that particular sim card.

Can my DUALSIM play videos?
Yes, you can convert popular videos and play them on your DUALSIMTM phone. 

You can download the software in the support section.

Can my DUALSIM play MP3 Files?
Yes, the built in software allows quality sound to be piped to the built-in loud 

speaker. MP3 files can be used as ring tones and alerts to personalise you 


How much memory does my DUALSIM  have for media storage?
Your DUALSIMTM can support memory expansion via micro SD cards. Currently 

the phones can support cards upto 16GB. 


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