All about phishing email scams and how to avoid them.

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About scam emails and how to avoid them:

I'm sure most people have received spoof emails before from eBay or PayPal impersonators,
A lot of people think they are real and enter their details on the website that was on the email:

What are they?
Emails which look legit enough to be from eBay or PayPal which normally have a fake link to there website which asks you for your User name/Email and Password.

Why do people fool for them?
Because they look so realistic, exactly what you would expect an email from eBay or PayPal to look like.

Here are some example phishing emails:

Now, Here is the way to avoid being scammed/conned:
Instead of clicking the link in the email, simply open your web browser and go to either eBay or PayPal.
This may take a few more seconds, But it could save you losing a lot of money.

How is eBay and PayPal trying to stop this:
In all legit emails from them, there will always be your full name in either, the title of the email or, in the email.

Even though the above system works very well, it is still suggested that you just manually go to the website.
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