All you need to know about how to ride a Ripstik

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Riding ripstiks is somewhat hard. There is a barrier while riding. If you can break the barrier and get on the ripstik, the secure feeling will lead you the rest of the way. Take riding from a pro, I have gone through sets of wheels and can ride both ways, no problem.

Most people put their front foot on first but I have found it easy to use my back foot. First balance the ripstik with your back foot and make sure your foot is in a safe and none even position. Once you feel secure with your back foot placement it is time to move on.

Now put your front foot on quickly so you can balance your body. Try and have at least a little force going forward which will allow you to ride quicker and build speed. Make sure you feel comfortable and secure with your feet placement. If you don't then you will have a harder time riding.

Once your feet are on com firmly, Move your feet like your running but don't pick them up, you should be shaking as most people say, you will then start to gain speed. You are now riding a ripstik, practice a lot and you will do even better.

Tips & Warnings:
1.Try finding a place where you can ride along a wall, small steps go a long way. Narrow carpet less hallways are the best places to work on balance.
2. I am not going to lie. If you fall it, honestly won’t hurt too bad but hurts enough you wish you didn't. If you feel unconfident then try and jump off the ripstik with both feet like a kangaroo hop. Jumping off is actually one of the best skills to practice

I hope you find this information help when trying to ride a ripstik for the first time or you’re looking for some clarification with the one you have been riding for a while, either way have fun and remember to ride safe!


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