Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouses- Buying Guide

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Why Grow-Fresh™ Greenhouses Are The Leaders In Australia For High Quality Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouses & Glasshouses

An Honest Buying Guide To The Best Quality Money Can Buy- The Do's & Dont's For Purchasing Your New Greenhouse Or Glasshouse

At Grow-Fresh™Greenhouses, our team have been specialising in greenhouses for many years. We were one of the first sellers on eBay with greenhouses and the first to bring high quality products with service and advice to match. In recent times, eBay has become flooded with many more sellers/importers/fly-by-nighters, trying to make a quick buck selling greenhouses. Our main concern here is that suddenly the market is being driven by price and let me give you a warning, price should not be the only deciding factor in choosing the greenhouse you want to last you many years or even a lifetime. There is an old saying that says, 'you get what you pay for'. Never have truer words been said!

Below are some simple pieces of advice I would like to give you all if you are at the stage of deciding 'who should I buy from?'

-Buy from a seller that is a specialist in the greenhouse field. Why would you purchase such a large investment from someone that also sells Christmas lights or exercise equipment? The problem with these sellers that sell a bit of this and a bit of that is that there is little or no after sales service and no spare parts should you need them. Generally the product knowledge is very poor or non-existant. We know this because we receive calls from upset customers every week asking us to help them with parts as their cheap greenhouse has blown away and they are getting no response from the seller. All we are suggesting is consider your options carefully before parting with your hard earned money :-)

-Beware also of unprofessional sellers that do nothing but slander others. You see, we have gone beyond the cheaper generic greenhouses from China that everyone else is selling. We used to sell similar to these when we first started but the quality was deteriorating as suppliers were becoming busier and we wanted products we were proud of. We have since invested huge resources into working with a design team and experienced manufacturer, bringing a superior quality product to the market. Our greenhouses are manufactured exclusively for us in Australia and you can't buy them anywhere else. We have tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible and rest assured when you buy one of our greenhouses, you are buying the best in the country. 

-Our base model (Somerset Series™) utilises slotted channels for the panels to slide into. This is still a good method for residential greenhouses in higher density areas but if you live in an open area or somewhere that is susceptible to high winds, then you cannot beat 'strip lock' panel insertion. Our new 6mm poly panel 'Stanford Series™' greenhouses have this feature. 'Strip Locking' is full length UV treated PVC that actually clamps the whole edge of the panels, giving twice the security of a simple slotted channel. Put simply, panels held in this method will not move, rattle or pop out, even in severe winds. Yes, this method has cost us substantially more to add to our 'Stanford Series™' but we believe it is money well spent. Toughened glass can also be used with this method of glazing fixing and in fact this is what it was first designed for. This design was pioneered by the leading greenhouse design team in the UK (greenhouse capital of the world) and any high quality greenhouse/glasshouse sold there will have this technology. No other greenhouse supplier in Australia is offering this innovation. We decided to remain with slotted channels on our Somerset Series™ so we could keep them super affordable. What we have done though with our new 4mm Somerset Series™ is to increase the channel width so the poly panels are more firmly held in place than other on the market utilising this method.

-Ask the seller if you can view their products? Do they have a display yard? We are the largest greenhouse business represented on eBay. Other sellers that claim to be experts and sell all kinds of greenhouse products, cannot offer you a viewing of one of their products. So once again, ask to view before you buy! It's your right! Our business is based on truth, we do not claim to be something we are not. 

-Some might ask 'why don't you do many .99c auction starts for your greenhouses?' The answer is, we don't need to and we would be silly to. Very obviously, the greenhouses that are auctioned off cheap by numerous sellers are bought very cheap in the first place (most from the same supplier). Ours are not bought cheap and as such we place a higher value on them. What we offer cannot be bought anywhere else in Australia. We have done our best to keep our reserve and Buy It Now prices as competitive as possible without ever compromising quality. The only time we will ever auction our greenhouses off any cheaper is if we are getting a new model and are moving discontinued stock. eBay is only a very small percentage of what we do, as such we use it as a good advertising tool but don't showcase our whole range here. We have multiple supply deals with large companies and government agencies alike.

-Look carefully at the warranty or guarantee you are being it a written guarantee or just words? We are the only greenhouse supplier on eBay offering an actual written warranty on all of our new ranges.
*6mm Stanford Series™- Lifetime Frame Warranty/ 12 Year Panel Warranty
*4mm Somerset Series™- Lifetime Frame Warranty/ 8 Year Panel Warranty
All our poly panels are guaranteed to be raw virgin polycarbonate. Please ask the question before you buy as there are sellers claiming this also but I can honestly tell you they are not. I don't know of anyone else selling good quality raw polycarbonate panels with their greenhouse, majority are recycled material that will yellow and disintegrate within 12-18 months. Raw polycarbonate is expensive to buy and likely wont be included with the majority of greenhouses sold on eBay-Fact! Our aluminium frames are also of a better design and have thicker extrusions. The method of assembly is more straightforward than other inferior models and we offer help and advice through the whole process also.

I trust you have found the above a helpful and honest insight about what to look for in the seller and the product. We just thought it was important to raise awareness as we can only imagine how confusing it has all become. Our listings are constantly being copied by other sellers and with everyone saying the same thing, we understand it must get to the point that it becomes hard to know who to believe.

If you would like any further clarification on any of the above or would like to contact us with any questions please FREECALL 1300 GO GROW.

Check out our great range of greenhouses, staging kits, shade systems, ventilation, heating and other professional greenhouse products all designed by us and manufactured exclusively for us to meet our high standards. 

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