Aluminum Silicone Case; NOT!

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Metallic Wallet Case. Or is it?
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Metallic Wallet Case. Or is it?

Basic product misrepresentation:

These cases are only partially Aluminium. The back section seems to be cast alloy of some kind, but the hinge & front panels are all plastic & EXTREMELY flimsy.
If you're looking for a sturdy case for your Mobile, give these a miss! Yes they look great & upon receiving mine I was very happy. They look great & fit very well, but the hinge broke within 7 days of use. I gave this case to my teenage daughter to use, hoping it would offer some protection to her newly upgraded phone, & whilst driving in the country, we hit a medium pothole at the same time she was closing the case & that was enough to snap the flimsy plastic hinge.

Bad Customer Service:

As I was at fault for the damage I tried to contact the vendor (who wont be mentioned) to alter the description - in my opinion it is misleading, the description makes it seem these cases are ALL aluminium; they are not. I do not want a refund, I do not wish to return the goods, I did not request either. All I ask for is fair & reasonable descriptions. After 3 attempts to discuss this with the Vendor, each time being told how to return for a refund, The last time I was told it is older than 30 days so no warranty. I have given up trying to have them fix the description, I have written this review in order to hopefully warn purchasers these cases are mostly plastic, not metal as in the descriptions. Good luck & happy eBaying!!
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