Amuters Guide to selling Trading Cards

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I have been fortunate enough to list and sell quite a few of my husbands 'horde' of NRL trading cards.

I am by no means an expert, but after talking to some really great buyers, I was given a few pointers.  I also had a couple of not-so-nice transactions that lead me to increase the size of my TOS at the bottom of every single listing.

The first thing you are going to need to do is get a really good scan of your card.  I personally scan mine using black cardboard over the top so that the scan comes up with a black background.  This is very effective for showing off edges and corners of your cards.

I found a great seller on Ebay where I could buy plastic sleeves and 'top loaders' for my cards.  They don't cost much and it saves so much aggravation later on.  Some of your potential buyers will be 'expert' and will expect their cards in nothing less than a plastic sleeve and top me on this one.

Honestly and accurately describe your card.  If it has a mill-fraction of a dog ear, don't list it as MINT but rather list as good or very good condition but make sure you add the small defect into the listing.  Any kind of ink or dirt smudge should be listed as well.  Always be prepared for serious buyers to ask you further questions about your card.

I find that giving the size of the card, the brand and the year (if known) is the best way to promote the card.  For example in the title of my NRL cards I will use: Ken Irvine North Sydney. The majority of buyers will search for either the team name or the particular person.

I don't like to charge handling fees on my cards, so my postage is worked out using Australia Posts standard letter rate, plus 50c or so extra to cover the costs of the top loader and envelopes.  The extra is entirely up to you, but if you are sending several cards to the same buyer, the extra few cents help.  You might also consider buying some small padded bags from Big W or Office Works and posting multiple cards (in their top loaders) to the same person.

To off-set any potential difficult 'serious' buyers, I always make a note in my TOS that if they want an expert opinion on card grading, to go elsewhere.  I am not an expert, the opinons are merely my personal observations.  This tends to help a lot.

And finally, Always communicate with your buyer so that they know what is going on.  Being a buyer on Ebay myself, I know how frustrating it is not to hear anything from my seller until they leave my feedback.  Communication is the key to ensure that the buyer will come back to you.  It also helps you, if they have a problem with your card, you are able to more readlly resolve this amicably if you have already established communications.

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