An eBayana Fan's Guide To eBay Calendars From 2001-2009

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As we leap into a brave new year, it's only fitting that we take a look at how  eBay helps us mark the days. Here is the scoop on  eBay calendars from 2001 through 2009. If I've missed any, please let me know!

eBay 2001 Trivia Calendar: with "Stories, Tips, and Secrets about the Internet Site that Revolutionized the Collecting World"; my favorite quote is the one wherein a collector compares herself to "a child. A very greedy child."

eBay Silver Picture Frame Calendar (200?-2008): a very nice silver-plated collectible bearing an engraved  eBay logo with a space on the left for your photo of choice and a month-by-month calendar on the right; mine is from 2002, 2003 or 2004, and I won it in 2006 from Seller  tfenrich (a source of much fabulous  eBayana) for only $2.50, but one recently was offered on eBay by  northwestbiz that supposedly came from  eBay Live! 2008 in Chicago.

eBay Taiwan 2005 Calendar featuring children's drawings; won from  yueh90 @ eBay Taiwan ( for 99¢ in 2005 and also in 2005 from  polianglin (who I think was a Taiwanese Seller but who had a French email address); eBay Taiwan no longer exists as such --which is why I couldn't link to it -- so this is a real collector's item

eBay Voices 2005 Calendar: in metal with a thank-you card from the  Voices Of The Community program. I want to be a  Voice Of The Community! Recently offered for sale on eBay by candances

eBay China Stand-Up 2006 Calendar in bright, vivid colors with festive images; won from Seller  half1hour @ eBay China ( or in 2006 for 87¢ + $10.62 shipping; it was our first transaction in RMBs, and it's a good thing there was a nice clear picture because the title read like this: ebay??????2006???  ???????  ????  1??????????; also won from Seller  cnscc @ eBay China in 2007 ( cnscc was the source of most of our coolest eBay China and PayPal China memorabilia); eBay China no longer exists as such -- which is why I couldn't link to it -- so this is a real collector's item

eBay it 2007 Limited Edition Desk Calendar: Small, but mighty cute! I won it in 2007 from  close_shave, a now-former  eBay employee who was the source of some our most fabulous and rare  eBayana and who continues to be a good friend

PayPal Asia Pacific 2009 Calendar won from Seller  syzzlyneBay Singapore ( , who got it at a party held at a club in Singapore (headquarters of PayPal Asia Pacific) in honor of PayPal's 10th anniversary

PowerSellingMom's 2009 Calendar by Danna Crawford (User ID  danna): Let this eBay 2008 Hall Of Fame Winner's proven tips and techniques for goal setting, prioritizing and productivity help you shine in 2009! You can buy  PowerSellingMom's 2009 Calendar in danna's eBay store,  ASK-DANNA; it comes with a black pen plus a 33-minute DVD, "The Organized Road To PowerSelling", along with a newsletter subscription, 1 year of text-link advertising @, and a $50 off coupon for Danna's private coaching package. Photo courtesy of danna

eBay Hong Kong Combination Calendar, Calculator & Alarm Clock: this nifty little gadget in gray plastic with the logo in black fits in the palm of your hand, so it doesn't take up much room on your desktop, but it sure does work hard doing triple duty; won in 2007 from Seller  erhanerdam , who was the source of some of our most fabulous international eBayana

eBay Live! Picture Frame Perpetual Calendar in metal, with magnetic tags to mark the date; it doesn't show the days of the week, only the days of the month, so it can be used for any year; won in 2007 from Seller  usakat , who was the source of a lot of my most fabulous and rare eBayana

This sums up 10 years' worth of  eBay calendars amassed so far over a lifetime of collecting  eBayana. Well, really I've only been collecting  eBayana for about 8 years, but I've got enough to last me a lifetime!

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