An eBayana Fan's Guide To eBay Legos: Official and Not

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I'm supposedly not shopping for  eBayana these days — not until we sell off at least some of the duplicates and superfluities of our existing  eBayana collection — but that doesn't mean I can't still browse the  eBay-ana category regularly and cherry-pick certain irresistible and/or incredibly rare items. Which I do, and have, and have, and do.

However, I have been admirably restrained in not recently running any of my Favorite Searches, which basically consist of the word " ebay" in combination with another word (or words) and which have yielded some of my very most special and favorite  eBayana, both official and unofficial. (Let's not use the word "unauthorized"; it has such pejorative connotations, whereas I consider such items to be an homage to  eBay.)

But something made me run a quickie search the other day using the keywords " ebay custom"…and am I ever glad I did! Because I scored one of the coolest and most fun items of  eBayana ever: a brand-new Favorite Thing. In fact, acquiring it has made one of my  eBayana collection's subcategories reach critical mass — i.e., it now deserves a blog entry and guide all its own: eBay Lego items. I'm going to tell you about those now, but I'm saving the best for last.

The first eBay Lego item I ever collected is an official  eBay collectible, but it wasn't made with official Legos. Instead, it is a soft-sculptured oversized rubber version that was given out to  eBay employees only. It consists of four blocks in the four  eBay primary colors, and each one bears a different management principal. I wish I could remember what they are, but I can't, and I can't find the item itself right now either. But as soon as it turns up in one of our  eBayana boxes, I'll come back and fill you in. Meanwhile, you get the basic idea. I'm not sure how deeply all of the employees took these principals to heart, since some of them were willing to part with theirs (the Legos, I mean, not the principals — I think). But let's be charitable and assume it was just because they'd already memorized them (the principals, that is).

The next two eBay Lego items I collected are unofficial, but made from genuine Legos — and logos. The first one is an eBay logo made from red, blue, yellow, and green Legos on a basic black base; the letters don't overlap, but the typeface is as close to perfect as it could be given the inherent limitations of the medium. (In real life, you might say it was a tiny bit pixillated.) I found this item in the  eBayana category @  eBay Germany (, and the original version was huge to the point of being ridiculously expensive to ship. (It was photographed sitting in a Radio Flyer-type red wagon, if that gives you any idea.) I also didn't see it in time to get the Seller's permission to bid, because the original auction only specified shipping within Europe.

But figuring that if the Seller could ship it around Europe, they might be willing to ship it to America too — and besides, nothing ventured, nothing gained — I wrote and asked. Sure enough, the Seller did agree to ship it to the USA, mostly I think because he (it turned out to be a he) was so amused that a U.S. eBayer wanted it that badly. And since the original auction had ended by then, he even went to the trouble of making a slightly smaller version and posting another auction. I had to fight it out with a couple of other bidders, but eventually the eBay Lego Logo was mine, mine, mine! And shipping wasn't nearly as expensive as I'd feared. It even arrived in one piece, which was a real tribute to its packing.

The third eBay Lego it-em (there's a hint) that I collected was the  eBay "it" logo in Legos in the appropriate shades of yellow, green, and orange on an " eBay blue" base. It's quite small, and quite adorable. And perfectly replicates "it", I might add. "it" didn't quite arrive in one piece, but "it" was easily reconstructed. I won "it" in 2005.

The One That Got Away was a cute little eBay store, built from all four  eBay colors (natch) with an " eBay Store" sign over its door in the proper " ebay stores" logo style. I don't know what possessed me to miss out on this item, but now I'm sorry I did.

But my favorite eBay Lego item — and newest Favorite Thing — is the custom Weary eBay Seller by  dadventuredan @

Measuring just 2-1/2 inches square, this little vignette consists of an overwhelmed eBayer sitting at his laptop (which shows an  eBay screen) surrounded by a camera, a clock showing 12:01, a coffee mug, and a stack of boxes as tall as he is. Let me now quote from the auction description, because it's hilarious:

"This poor guy has spent too many late nights watching his auctions.  He can hardly get to his computer because of all the stacked up boxes.  He winces when he hears the words First Class International.  And when the mail comes he's more excited about the reusable peanuts and bubble wrap than whatever came packed in them...

"Yep, he's definitely been at this for too many hours... so make his day, would ya, and at least 'watch this item.'"

Can you relate, or what?

The Seller,  dadventuredan, is offering free shipping WORLDWIDE on this item. He specifies that it will arrive via USPS First Class mail "assembled, with no instructions, carefully packed and ready to clean out all the yard sales in your LEGO town..."

For a mere $23.50, now that is a real steal of a deal. And  dadventuredan will even customize your Lego mini-figure (gender and hairstyle) upon request. For $2 extra, he gave us both male and female minifigs, since my husband and I  eBay together. You can see our Lego selves doing so below. Notice how my husband, Jon, is holding the camera (because he does the photography) while I check our listings. You know what they say: The couple that eBays together, stays together!" At least that's what I say. The two pictures above are courtesy of  dadventuredan.


Since I originally blogged about it on January 18th, 2009, my Weary eBay Seller has arrived, and the surprise that came with it definitely makes it worthy of further commentary. Not only did it come with customized minifigs (the female figure even has short brown hair, just like I do), it came with a tiny custom-made Lego version of the Traveling Lab Coat — complete with tiny "signatures" on the front, orange  Kompolt logos on the sleeves, and  PowerSellingMom's logo on the back! I was totally blown away!! It is the cutest thing you ever saw. And however did  dadventuredan know I was one of the Sellers who resold the Traveling Lab Coat? Maybe it was the video on my  About Me page that gave it away. In any case, it was definitely the nicest, coolest, and most thoughtful bonus I've ever received with any item I've ever won — and since we've won over 10,000 items (as  ebetsy and  monjott), that's saying a lot!

This concludes our tour of the Lego portion of my  eBayana collection. I tried to keep it short, but I also wanted to make it complete. You can find all of my eBayana under keyword " ebetsy".

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