An eBayana Fan's Guide To eBay Tape: A Sticky Subject!

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You might not recognize eBay tape as being a particularly hot  eBayana collector's item. But at eBay Live! 2005 in San José, co-branded  eBay-USPS Priority Mail tape was the most coveted freebie at the USPS Booth. In fact, they would only hand it out at the stingy rate of one roll per eBayer.

When the Postmaster General — who appeared at the keynote address because USPS was the title sponsor for the event — said he wanted to do whatever he could to give us what we wanted and needed, he was quite startled by the instant response of 10,000 crazed eBayers shouting, "Tape! Tape! Tape!" and stomping their feet in unison with their chant.

There are seven kinds of  eBay tape and one kind of PayPal tape that I know of, six of which plus the PayPal tape I have collected (and even occasionally use). This is not including the packing tape that I bought in all four  eBay colors. I've also included two eBay tape dispensers plus my one  eBay VHS tape because I couldn't think what other  eBayana guide it might fit into. The  eBay logo is always assumed to be in full color unless otherwise specified.

eBay Tape won from the  eBayana category @  eBay Germany in 2006-2007 — I needed an ongoing supply — but it doesn't say, just
bears the  eBay logo in black tape with the logo in black on clear; I only have one URL's worth of swathe of this tape, as it came being used to hold bubble wrap around an eBay University pen, which was won from a Seller @  eBay Ireland. Tape won from the  eBayana category @  eBay UK in 2005 and and bearing the logo; at "only" £2.99 ($5.30) per roll and $7.50 for shipping three rolls, it was quite the bargain — sort of Urgent Order/Handle With Care Tape from the  eBayana category @  eBay UK bearing the logo alternating with the words URGENT ORDER and HANDLE WITH CARE; I don't know where or how the Seller obtained this, but after winning some, I know why they wanted to get rid of it; it sticks to itself and frays when you try to use it

eBay Official PowerSeller Tape complete with the  eBay and  PowerSeller logos; evidently another  PowerSeller freebie or  PowerSeller's eBay Shop item. We've only seen it on a few of the packages that have come to us over the years, and we don't have any :(

eBay PowerSeller Tape that says **Power Seller **/~~~Thanks You~~~; won in 2006 and 2007 from two different Sellers. We have attained  PowerSeller status (under my husband's and my joint User ID of  monjott) so I feel like we've finally earned the right to use it

eBay-USPS Co-Branded Priority Mail Tape from  eBay Live! 2005 that has the  eBay and Priority Mail logos along with the words "a preferred shipping service on  ebay"; you pretty much had to get this at the event or not at all, because I never saw any for sale on  eBay so evidently nobody was willing to part with theirs. (After reading the anecdote above, I'm sure you're not surprised.) I myself have one full and two partial rolls left, and I am definitely hoarding it

PayPal Tape won from  syzzlyneBay Singapore (; issued in honor of PayPal's 10th anniversary in 2008 and obtained at an anniversary party held at a club in Singapore, headquarters of PayPal Asia Pacific. Griff says that eBayers in Singapore are especially enthusiastic — and I would have to agree, since my  eBayana guides get more votes there than anywhere else, even with less views per guide — and it would appear that this extends to PayPal as well. I never saw any PayPal 10th anniversary celebration chotchkes offered by U.S. sellers, whereas  syzzlyn had a whole bagful up for sale (and has offered some other fabulous  eBayana over the years as well)

e eBay Hong Kong Tape Dispenser: No  eBay tape fits in it — it just holds regular-sized cellophane tape — but this cool white plastic tape dispenser bears the logo in black

eBay Electric Tape Dispenser from  The eBay Shop with a clear plastic shell covering red, blue, yellow, and green moving parts and the eBay logo; cool, but a bit pricey at $25.95 for what's essentially an office toy (batteries not included)

VHS Tape Featuring 1999 eBay Media Highlights: No, it's not the same kind of tape, but in what other  eBayana Guide would this item fit so well? And it's definitely worth mentioning. Very cool and rare! Won from  tfenrich, from whom we won a lot of our most fabulous eBayana

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