Android 101

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The Android system is pretty easy to use - I think so anyway, and is very versatile. Once you get the hang of it you won't want to go to any other operating system.

I think this will help a bit. Usually if you tap the menu item or an icon, either with stylus or finger, it highlights the item and away you go. The Menu button takes you through all the settings and preferences, end or back button will usually take you back to the previous step. When you have unlocked the phone you will find a couple of dots at the bottom of the screen indicating which of the 5 screens you are on, there is also a group of dots together which takes you to the applications menu. Once there, highlight and tap to select or long press to add to one of your screens. Tapping anywhere on a main screen will bring up a menu of apps, widgets etc you can add to the screens. If there is an icon on a screen you want to remove, just long press and you can drag it down to a trash can that will appear.

One other option you may like to use is the task killer app, tap and drag the top menu bar and you will find it there, run it often to get rid of things that aren't needed at the moment. Also from the widgets menu is an app called power control, this is very handy for turning off Bluetooth, wireless connections etc.

The other thing you may want to do before you do too much, is to do a factory reset, menu>settings>privacy>factory data reset. This takes you through a few initial settings and is useful for getting a feel of the Android o/s.

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