Angel Caller Jewels-- Harmonybolas

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We all have some one in love, jewelry shows our mind.

Everyone has her angel guarding her,  a harmony ball is the link between you and angel. When you wear it,  it bring chiming sounds and call angel to watch over you.
Originating from Mexico the Chime ball is a musical chime first worn by pregnant women and since yesteryear many generations of Mexican mothers to be have sworn by the soothing and calming effect that the Chime ball has on their unborn babies during their pregnancy and also following the birth.

The Chime ball is designed to create a gentle soft chiming sound during mums movement and the baby is relaxed by these chimes up until the birth. It is said that the effects of these chimes work effectively on the baby during nursing once she or he has arrived. The same sounds that soothed and calmed your baby during pregnancy will have the same calming effect once they arrive. In the same way that playing soothing music to your unborn baby can sooth and calm, the Mexican Bola is also said to assist during nursing as baby can fiddle with it whist mum wears as a necklace and the soothing chimes have the same fantastic effect.

Angel Watcher
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Angel Watcher

Baby Angel Watcher

What is Mexican Bola?     The Angel Caller Necklace is originally from Mexico, where it is supported by pregnant women. Pregnant women wear the sound ball directly at stomach height. The cage of the necklace can hold a sound ball with 16/18/20mm diameter, 36 colors for choice!   This is a calming effect on the baby before and after birth. You can use this as jewelry chains also!

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Wishing bottle amazing jewelry

We all know Pandora box, this wishing cage can be opened, then put colorful beads in it, this jewelry is best lucky charm for you.

It definitely more than a necklace. It's a best gift for any mom-to-be, and great souvenir for moms after babies are born, for remembering those beautiful times.
During the early pregnancy period, moms can wear it as a standard or matinee necklace. It's cool and sexy. After the baby grows bigger, moms can wear the necklace resting low on belly. As from the 20th week, babies can hear the sound around the tummy, then they can play and enjoy the beautiful music of the bell pendant, moms can use it to communicate with babies, it's so amazing. You will feel the baby flutter in the tummy. That will increase the connection between mm and baby. Along with babies grows bigger, they will be familiar with that harmony sound. In the later days, baby will feel comforted and happy when hearing it. This necklace can also be used as a nursing necklace long after the baby is born.
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