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unique jewellery
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unique jewellery

Unique Jewels and More

Our passion is to share the world of gemstones, crystals, pearls and precious metals with you. Gemstones, crystals, pearls and precious metals carry the mystery, abundance and beauty of Mother Earth.

When set into beautiful pieces of jewelry, we believe sparkling gemstones and crystals remind us of the universal energy, immense beauty, and mystery in life that is all around us.

 Nature offers us beauty, harmony and symmetry in the wondrous specimens of the mineral kingdom. We believe their translucent qualities create a bridge between the material and spiritual realms.

Ever wondered why you were drawn to a certain piece of jewellery? For many of us it is because of the positive energy we feel. As you can see.......

We’re dedicated to helping you find unique and meaningful jewellery pieces. Jewellery that creates beauty and power to nourish your soul and enrich your life. Our aim is to help you unlock the secrets to the Universal Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge of the healing powers of gemstones, crystals, precious metals and pearls.

Gemstones are a gift to be valued and honoured. We pay homage to the vast amount of human toil and hardship that has gone into mining, cutting, polishing stones, gold and silver before they become pieces of jewellery for us to admire. Simply stated.....

We want you to enjoy your unique jewellery pieces thoroughly. Value them as precious gifts from Nature that can radiate their energy into your system. Wear them often as a statement that tells others something about you. Don’t leave them in a jewel box or safe. Let them touch you and be in your life.

So if you want to enjoy jewellery that’s unique and personal. If knowing more about a jewels ability to help empower or heal has something positive to offer you, then you’ll be in the right place. One thing is for sure........

Experience counts! There’s over 40 years of it in the jewellery industry with Kerry. We are both avid students of spirituality. Our passion is also to provide you with unique trouble free service. You can shop with confidence. As one satisfied customer told us.......
Our short stay in Quirindi on our way to Sydney was most rewarding.
We want you to know what a delight it was to shop in your store.
So many wonderful things on display. We only went in for a look but couldn’t resist several items.
Your friendly and helpful manner made it a lovely shopping experience.
Cynthia and Ralph Weatherly
Molendinar Qld 4214


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