Another 'how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton' tip

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In addition to the other tips already suggested, genuine Louis Vuitton bags always have the pattern/material placed perfectly between seams.

So if half the word is chopped off on the right hand side, a genuine bag will have that exact same pattern mirrored on the left seam. If 2/3 of the circle symbol can be seen on the left hand side then 2/3 will be seen on the right hand side.

And the pattern will be level - ie.not sloping uphill nor downhill.

Here are some fake examples;

pattern slopes uphill - fake

pattern end on right not same as left - fake

same as above - fake

Remember that ebay-ers selling these items may not know themselves that their items are fake - best to protect yourself and ask to see clear close-ups of the sides and patterns. Don't get caught out.

As someone else has mentioned, a serial number and dust bag are as easily faked as the items themselves!

Good luck with your shopping and if you like/use this tip, vote and let me know 

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