Antique Rapid Stoneware Magnetic Electric & 1920s Jugs

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These appliances are among the earliest to have achieved antique status. They are over eighty years old and were marketed as electronic servants for a new age. In the mid 1920s fewer than half the homes in capital cities had mains electricity, yet entrepreneurial electrical goods manufacturers launched intensive marketing campaigns aimed at winning over housewives who had not been sold on the proposition of the electric home. By the late 1930s a mass market had been created for electric kettles of all types.

The Rapid Electric Heater circa 1925 

Ceramic pronged lid

Rapid Stoneware Magnetic Electric Jug circa 1925
Made by the Australian General Electric Company Ltd

Ceramic lid with prongs plus rhyme across the body

An example of this jug can be seen in the Powerhouse Museum's collection.

Made of attractive "Olde Englishe" Ware

Colours: Royal Blue

Royal Blue and Cream

Chocolate Brown and Cream

Price when new was 32/6


3 PINTS IN 4MINUTES, Save half-an-hour every day with a Rapid Electric Jug.
BOILING WATER in less than half the time it takes the old-fashioned kettle, no wonder over 20,000 homes in Victoria today are boiling all their water with a Rapid Jug. The Rapid Jug saves the average purchaser over half an hour each day. It's so convenient. Just fill it and connect it to a power point. And it uses only a trifling amount of electric current.

Get One Today . Simple and reliable. Many of the thousands in use were purchased over four years ago and have never needed any repairs, replacements, or special attention.

Early in the Morning in that pre-breakfast rush you'll be thankful for a Rapid Jug.

Entertain Comfortably . No more "Please excuse me while I put on the kettle" apologies to guests. No more breaking up the bridge four. Make tea right at the table with an attractive Rapid Jug. It adds a note of modern smartness to your entertainments.

Baby's Early Morning Meal. The problem of baby's food is now solved by the electric jug.
EVERY mother
has experienced the trouble of preparing food for baby in those cold, early hours. Five o'clock. The morning's sharp and the kitchen seems an appalling distance from the bed but it's five o'clock and baby must be fed. Many mothers have now solved the problem for all time with a dependable electric jug which heats water right in the bedroom while mother lies snug in bed.

Gracefully yet sturdily constructed, the electric jug would gladden the heart of any woman it is just as much at home on the breakfast table as in the bedroom or the kitchen. Best of all it is economical - it boils two quarts of water at a cost of less than one sixth of a penny. What could be cheaper? Women who have an electric jug in their homes express surprise that 32/6 could buy so much comfort and convenience. You too will be impressed when you see it. Call in to our showrooms or write or telephone today for the demonstrator, who will call and show you the amazing electric jug right in your own home.


AUTO JUG 1920s with ceramic swing lid

Lustrous white porcelain

1920s Electric jug with sliding ceramic lid


1920s HECLA Grecian Urn electric jug with removable ceramic lid


1920s WYNYARD electric jug with sliding lid

Lustrous white porcelain

1920s WYNYARD ELITE electric jug with ceramic lid

Green Mottled Effect - Hand Sponged

1920s Ceramic Electric Jug

Blue Mottled Effect - Hand Sponged

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