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Firstly buying a Genuine Antique ??

Buying an Antique over the internet can be a troublesome thing.

You are really looking for someone who is Honest & Reliable.

1/ Check out the feedback

2/ See if you can get other pics or visit the buyer to see the piece in person.

3/ Remember the listing and read carefully.

4/ I always look for the words "As Is" or "Original Condition", these are the only words you want to read.

5/ A no no is Restoreddddddddddddd. Be Careful !!!!!

6/ In the Style of eg : Victorian Style ... Georgian Style..... Art Deco Style... These are words that really mean it is only in the style of.... Not the Real Thing !!

7/ Especially in Ceramics Porcelain Pottery Restored can mean it was completely re built.

I once heard of a story from an English Dealer when I imported containers of furniture from Europe.

He would split a bookcase into 15 pieces ????

A drawer 1 piece

A carcass 2 pieces

A shelve 3 pieces

A door 4 pieces

Another Door 5 pieces

And so on...... Then his workshop would completely re build 15 Bookcases.

Anddddddd  the finished item would read " Lovely Georgian Mahogany Bookcase circa 1830 " wait for it "Fully Restored" And that is Legal !!

So please beware of the description... Only buy As is or Original Condition.

Ask some one in the industry if not sure.

Print the pic off and go to a dealer ask what he thinks of it ( tell him or her a lie ) say it's a piece you have inherited and you are looking to sell it. etc etc what is it worth ??? etc

The key on Ebay is look at the Feedback & Description...

And remember the only words you want to see is that the item is "As is or Original Condition".

Hope this has helped. Good Buying !

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Regards Mike

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