Antiquities - Axe - Arrow & iron (steel ) restoration

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Recently I purchased an old axe which was medieval ? and had already been so called restored . When it arrived I was amazed to find  that some so called restorer had by the looks of it soaked the axe head in strong acid . This completely destroyed the outer finish of the metal , the entire outer surface of the axe is deeply eaten into .  This axe  is now undisplayable and will never again have a patina worthy of its age .  Also any marks from original manufacture are lost so its not even any good for study except to study how to ruin an old iron tool . Please if you find old iron tools etc and there construction is of solid iron but rusty it is a simple matter to heat the object on a gas stove  ( not too hot )  and then plunge them in cold water . This quick cooling will shrink the iron tool back to the original size and at the same time a fair bit of the rust will be thrown off . Re-heat the object again ( gently ) to get rid of any moisture and then wire brush or wire wheel the item to remove remaining rust . Please use the wire wheel carefully as too much pressure will scratch the iron if you are not carefull . ****Please also always wear safety goggles when doing this as wire brushes and wheels have a tendancy to throw off bristles ***. Once you have removed the rust to your satisfaction  then gently reheat the tool you are cleaning  and then place the tool into a good quality wax (I use a good quality furniture restoration wax ) . The heated tool sucks the wax into every crack etc thus giving added protection to the item . Leave the item to cool on a cake stand ? and when cool polish of excess wax with a cotton or denim cloth . I have used this method for many years and have never had any problems with reoccuring rust ..*** So finally before buying an iron/steel item form anybody please ask the seller has the piece been restored and if so how was it done *** .The following is not concerning the above axe head but is of interest to all collectors of metal objects ... Recently there was  some  old  axe heads on ebay that had been restored using epoxy  resin  ( the seller was very honest and stated this in his listing ) .. This bieng done by some restorers  so please ask the sellers if thier item has been repaired in any way as this will affect the price . thanks for reading this guide and I hope this helps . Steven

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